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12.6 Work Site Agreement Requirements


Chapter 12.6.1 Resources

Worksite Agreement Sample

12.6.1 Work Site Agreement Requirements

Effective date: September 1, 2020

For any career service or Youth program element where a participant is placed directly at a work site the local WDB or its service provider must execute an agreement between itself, the participant, and the host employer/organization. This agreement serves to ensure that WIOA participants will be provided work experience which is valuable and meaningful for the participant and the work site, and to ensure compliance with WIOA and related federal and state guidance.

In general, all Work Site Agreements must include the following:

  • Participant's name;
  • Name of work site;
  • Immediate supervisor's name;
  • Assurance that adequate supervision will be provided at all times while the trainee is on the work site;
  • Beginning and ending dates of the agreement;
  • Participant's job title and job description;
  • Work schedule/hours assigned;
  • Wages and benefits agreed upon (if applicable);
  • Any site/job specific needs related to job safety, tools, uniforms, etc.;
  • The applicable work site rules, including the procedure and maintenance of adequate time, attendance, payroll, and other records;
  • Other provisions determined necessary (if any) by the local WDB;
  • Employer nondiscrimination assurances and employer grievance procedures;
  • References to WIOA provisions/regulations and relevant state policies;
  • Assurance that the employer will comply with DET-funded program regulations;
  • A termination clause; and
  • Signatures of participant, work site representative, and career planner and the date each party signed the agreement.

In addition to the criteria above, Work Site Agreements for Youth Work Experience must also identify the Academic/Educational Component(s) of the work experience and specify whether this is being provided by the work site or through other means.


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