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Post Job Openings

Grow your talent pipeline and share your open positions on Job Center of Wisconsin. This free service allows you to connect with Wisconsin's talent pool and match with qualified candidates. Create a profile today and start sharing your job openings on Job Center of Wisconsin.

Review Job Posting Policies and Procedures

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Search Job Candidates

Using Job Center of Wisconsin, employers can search resumes and find qualified job candidates. Receive updates and emails when a qualified resume is matched with your job opening and expand your labor pool. Get started on Job Center of Wisconsin today!

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Train an Apprentice

Apprenticeship is a proven path to training and retaining workers. Individuals learn the skills on the job while earning a paycheck and employers get to vet and prepare their own workforce. Learn more about how apprenticeship can expand your labor pool.

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Worker Training Grants

The Department of Workforce Development offers grants to Wisconsin businesses to train and retain highly skilled workers. Grant funding is used to support short-term and medium-term employer-led training projects that:

  • Encourage increased collaboration between Wisconsin businesses and workforce training partners
  • Fill current and ongoing skill requirements of Wisconsin employers
  • Place workers in long-term positions with opportunities for professional growth and economic advancement.

To learn more, visit Wisconsin Fast Forward.

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Hiring Incentives

Through DWD, employers can access various incentive offerings.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

WOTC is a tax incentive for employers to hire individuals of certain target groups which have traditionally faced significant barriers to employment. These credits reduce an employer's cost of doing business and require little paperwork. Employers can save up to $2,400 per new hire. For Long-Term Family Assistance recipients, the employer can save up to $9,000 per new hire over a two-year time period. Learn more about hiring incentives.

Fidelity Bonding

This federal program provides Fidelity Bonds to anyone who is not eligible for commercial bonding at no cost to the employers or employees. It's a unique tool to help a job applicant get and keep a job. Learn more about fidelity bonding.

Employee Tax Credits

There are several employee tax credit incentives that can increase the take-home pay of employees at no cost to the employer.

(1) Earned Income, (2) Homestead, and (3) Child Tax Credits
The Earned Income, Homestead and Child Tax Credits can help low income workers increase their income substantially by reducing their income tax liability and, at times, providing a refund greater than the taxes owed. Not only do these credits reduce their tax burden and supplement their wages, but they motivate individuals to pursue employment, which promotes self-sufficiency, while meeting the labor needs of employers.