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Services for Job Seekers

How Can We Help You?

Will you work hard to reach your job goal?

If you will, then DVR is for you.

You change your future. Take responsibility for your program and your success. DVR is here to help and guide you, but there will be things you will do for yourself.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Employment - Work is your reason for applying to the DVR program. Tell DVR if you get a job.
  • Commitment - Follow through on the responsibilities listed in your Individualized Plan for Employment.
  • Appointments - Keeping appointments is important. Contact DVR if you cannot keep an appointment.
  • Information - Give DVR accurate information about yourself. Contact DVR at least once a month - more often if needed.

Your Rights:

  • Confidentiality - Information about your DVR case is protected by confidentiality rules. Your counselor will explain those to you.
  • Individualized Plan for Employment - You and your DVR counselor will agree on an Employment Plan and make informed decisions about your job goals and DVR services.
  • Cost - DVR services are usually provided at no cost to you.
  • Appeals - If you have a problem with DVR services, you can talk to your counselor, a supervisor, a director, or contact the Client Assistance Program at 800-362-1290 (Voice/TTY).

VR Services

VR services are any services described in a plan for employment necessary to assist a consumer in preparing for, securing, retaining or regaining an employment outcome that is consistent with the strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests and informed choice of the consumer.

Information and Referral

What Type of Services Does DVR Provide

  • Career Guidance and Counseling
  • Job Search and Placement Assistance
  • Information and Referral Services
  • Transition to work services for students with disabilities in high school
  • Supported Employment services for persons with severe disabilities; includes time-limited on-the job supports
  • Rehabilitation Technology
  • Vocational and other Training
  • Disability and Employment Assessment
  • Transportation
  • Occupational licenses, tools and other equipment
  • Assistance in small-business plan development
  • Interpreter services
  • Rehabilitation teaching services
  • Diagnosis and treatment

For more information on the DVR process and your choices as a consumer or job seeker, see the process table developed by the Client Assistance Program (CAP).