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Information for DVR Consumers with Workers' Compensation Claims


The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) encourages you to work closely with our staff, as a partner, to make informed choices about decisions that impact your vocational rehabilitation.

A plan to return to a job with your former employer or a new employer may be your best choice. Perhaps training for a different type of job is a better choice for you. DVR offers services to help you make these decisions and to carry out your plan.

The choices you make in your vocational rehabilitation could affect your workers' compensation claim. Some workers' compensation insurance carriers may question retraining benefits if they believe that you are able to return to suitable employment without additional training. Before you decide to train for a different job, you may want to discuss your plan with the insurance carrier, the Wisconsin Division of Worker's Compensation (608-266-1340), and/or an attorney.

DVR cannot provide money for basic costs of living. You may need to work with the employer, the insurance carrier, or other organizations to request assistance to cover your basic costs of living while participating in the vocational rehabilitation program.

If you are placed on the DVR waitlist, you may still receive rehabilitation services from a private provider. To learn more about this, call 608-266-1340 at the Wisconsin Division of Worker's Compensation and ask to speak to a specialist.

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Last updated January 2018