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3.3 Transfer of Funds


Chapter 3.3.1 Resources

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3.3.1 Transfer of Funds

Effective date: June 19, 2020


The local Workforce Development Boards (WDBs) may transfer up to 100 percent of formula funds of a program year allocation between the Adult Program and the Dislocated Worker Program.1 DWD-DET is extending the full transfer authority afforded by WIOA to the local WDBs, in order to ensure the WDBs have maximum flexibility to best serve participant populations with the greatest needs.

Transfer Request

The local WDB initiates the transfer request by submitting a completed WIOA Adult/Dislocated Worker Transfer Worksheet to its local program liaison.

Approval of Transfer Request

The local program liaison, the contract manager, and the WIOA performance planner will review the worksheet and take the following factors under consideration:

  • Expenditures and obligations for the Adult Program and Dislocated Worker Program year formula funds;
  • Availability of funds for both formula programs, including carry-in funding from the prior program year;
  • The quarter of the grant period in which the request is made;
  • Availability of Rapid Response2 and National Dislocated Worker Grant3 funding;
  • Total enrollments in both Adult and Dislocated Worker formula programs;
  • Total training enrollments in both formula programs;
  • Applicability of Trade Adjustment Assistance certifications in the local area; 4
  • Impact on the WIOA primary indicators of performance; and
  • Implications for Rapid Response and National Dislocated Worker Grant funding.

DWD-DET will review the request and issue a determination within 30 days.

DWD-DET will approve the transfer request unless it anticipates that the transfer will negatively impact the local WDB's ability to serve current or future participants and/or meet the local area's adjusted levels of performance.

The local WDB will receive a modified grant agreement once DWD-DET approves the transfer request.


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