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WIOA Title I-A & I-B Policy & Procedure Manual

Participation-Causing Services Guidance

Effective date: March 16, 2021

ASSET, the state's Management Information System, automatically determines the status of individuals based on services recorded. When an individual receives a participation-causing service, their status changes from a reportable to WIOA Title I-B program participant. The table, below, outlines whether an ASSET service is or is not a participation-causing service.

ASSET Service Name Participation-Causing Service
Financial Aid Information No
Information about Eligible Training Program (ETPs) No
Information on Local Area Performance No
Intake and Orientation No
Job Requirements Information No
Labor Market Information (includes the following subcategories):
  • Info on in-demand occupations/sectors
  • Info on non-traditional occupations
  • Other LMI
Referral (includes the following subcategories):
  • Referral to Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Services
  • Referral to Disabled Veteran Outreach Program (DVOP) Specialist
  • Referral to Federal Training (WIOA Title I, TAA, Adult Education, Vocational Rehab, Job Corps)
  • Referral to other WIOA program (services other than training)
  • Referral to local bonding coordinator for Federal Bonding Program
  • Referral for a supportive service to community programs/services
  • Referral for a supportive service to a State or Federal public assistance program
  • Other Referral
Eligibility Determination No
Financial Aid Application Assistance Yes
Initial Assessment of Interests, Skill Level & Supportive Service Needs Yes
Job Referral/Placement Assistance Yes
Job Search Assistance (includes the following subcategories):
  • Information about a specific job vacancy appropriate for the participant
  • Development of a job search plan
  • Job search workshop
  • Job finding club
  • Other job search assistance
Resume Development Yes
Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claim Assistance Yes
Career Planning Yes
Comprehensive Individualized or Specialized Assessment Yes
Disaster-Relief Employment Yes
English Language Learning Yes
Financial Literacy Services Yes
Group Employment Counseling Yes
IEP Development or Review (includes the following subcategories):
  • IEP Development
  • IEP Review
Individual Employment Counseling Yes
Integrated Education and Training Programs Yes
Job Development Yes
Out of Area Job Search Assistance Yes
Out of Area Relocation Assistance Yes
Short-term Pre-vocational Services Yes
Work Experience (includes the following subcategories):
  • Internship
  • Job Shadowing
  • Transitional Job
  • Other Work Experience
Workforce Preparation Yes
Needs Related Payment No
Not Applicable No
Childcare Assistance No
Housing Assistance No
Other Support Services Assistance No
Transportation Assistance No
Adult Education and Literacy Yes
Apprenticeship Training Yes
Combined Workplace Skills Training & Related Instruction Yes
Customized Training Yes
English Language Instruction Yes
Entrepreneurial Training Yes
Job Readiness Training Yes
Occupational Classroom Yes
On-The-Job Training Yes
Eligibility Determination No
Individual Service Strategy (ISS) Development No
Objective Assessment No
Adult Mentoring Yes
Alternative Secondary School or Dropout Recovery Services Yes
Career Awareness, Exploration, and Counseling Yes
Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Yes
Education Offered Concurrently with Workforce Preparation Activities for a Specific Occupation Yes
Entrepreneurial Skills Training Yes
Financial Literacy Education Yes
Incentives Yes
Individual Service Strategy (ISS) Review No
Leadership Development Yes
Occupational Skills Training Yes
Postsecondary preparation and transition activities Yes
Supportive Services Yes
Tutoring, Study Skills Training, Dropout Prevention Yes
Work Experience: Employment Opportunity Yes
Work Experience: Internship Yes
Work Experience: Job Shadowing Yes
Work Experience: On-the-Job Training Yes
Work Experience: Pre-apprenticeship Programs Yes


For the Adult Program and the Dislocated Worker Program, a participant is a reportable individual who has received services other than self-service or information-only services or activities, after satisfying all applicable programmatic requirements for the provision of services, such as eligibility determination. For the Youth Program, a participant is a reportable individual who has satisfied all applicable program requirements for the provision of services, including eligibility determination, an objective assessment, and development of an individual service strategy, and has received one of the 14 Youth Program elements.

ASSET, the state's management information system, automatically determines the status of individuals based on the services recorded.

20 CFR § 677.150(a);
TEGL 10-16, Attachment I, p. 3

Reportable Individual

For all WIOA Title I-B programs, a reportable individual is an individual who has taken actions that demonstrate an intent to use program services and who meets specific reporting criteria of the program including:

  1. Individuals who provide identifying information;
  2. Individuals who only use the self-service system; or
  3. Individuals who only receive information-only services or activities.

20 CFR § 677.150(b);
TEGL 10-16, Attachment I, p. 4

ASSET, the state's management information system, automatically determines the status of individuals based on the services recorded.

For the purposes of the Reportable Individual definition, the following definitions apply:

Self-service System: Under WIOA, the self-service system is utilized when individuals independently access any workforce development system program's information and activities in either a physical location, such as a one-stop center resource room or partner agency, or remotely via the use of electronic technologies.

20 CFR § 677.150(a)(3)(ii)(A)

Information-only services or activities: Information-only services or activities provide readily available information that does not require an assessment by a staff member of the individual's skills, education, or career objectives.

TEGL 10-16, Attachment I, p. 3