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11.6 Exclusions from Performance Indicators


Chapter 11.6.1 Resources

Chapter 11.6 Comments and responses

11.6.1 Exclusions from Performance Indicators

Effective date: August 7, 2017

The following exclusions are outlined in federal guidance. These exclusions apply to the following measures:

  • Employment Rate (Quarter 2)
  • Employment Rate (Quarter 4)
  • Placement Rate (Quarter 2)
  • Placement Rate (Quarter 4)
  • Median Earnings
  • Credential Attainment Rate
  • Measurable Skill Gain

Exclusions are applied to performance reporting at exit and up to four quarters after exit.

  • Institutionalized: Participant exits the program because he or she has become incarcerated in a correctional institution or has become a resident of an institution or facility providing 24-hour support such as a hospital or treatment center while receiving services as a participant. There is no minimum length of stay in an institution to qualify for the use of the institutionalized exclusion; however, the exclusion may only be used when the participant is unable to continue to receive program services. 1
  • Health/Medical: Participant exits the program because of medical treatment and that treatment is expected to last longer than 90 days and precludes entry into unsubsidized employment or continued participation in the program.
  • Deceased: Participant is deceased.
  • Reserve Forces called to Active Duty: Participant exits the program because the participant is a member of the National Guard or other reserve military unit of the armed forces and is called to active duty for at least 90 days.
  • Foster Care: Participant is in the foster care system as defined in 45 CFR 1355.20(a), and exits the program because the participant has moved from the area as part of such a program or system. This exclusion only applies to the WIOA Title I Youth Program.

  • 1 This is a state interpretation of the lack of a minimum stay in an institution the provides 24-hour support such as a hospital or treatment center. Without this clause, a participant could be exited and excluded from performance indicators for one night in a hospital or jail. That is not the federal intent.

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