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11.20 Regional Performance


Chapter 11.20.1 Resources

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11.20.1 Regional Performance 1

Effective date: August 7, 2017

WIOA outlines three types of regions.

  1. Regions with one local area
  2. Planning regions with two or more local areas that are collectively aligned
  3. Regions comprised of two or more local areas within two or more states

Local areas in a planning region or regions comprised of two or more local areas within two or more states must agree on how it will manage the negotiation with the Governor/state workforce agency. The agreement in the regional plan must address

  • If the region will negotiate regional levels of performance in addition to local levels of performance?
  • How will the local areas collectively negotiate the regional level of performance?

Local areas must negotiate local levels of performance consistent with Sec. 116 (c) regardless if the area is a part of a planning region that collectively negotiates a planning region level of performance. The region may agree to collectively negotiate in several ways including negotiating local levels of performance separately.


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