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10.4 Youth Enrollment Process


10.4.1 Overview

Effective date: January 1, 2019

To enroll a youth as a participant in the WIOA Youth Program, the local WDB must:

  1. Determine the youth's eligibility;
  2. Complete an objective assessment;
  3. Develop an individual service strategy (ISS) with the youth; and
  4. Provide the youth at least one of the 14 WIOA Youth Program elements and document the service(s) in Automated System Support for Employment and Training (ASSET).1

Youth may only participate in program elements after their eligibility determination, objective assessment, and ISS are complete. To complete enrollment, all youth applicants must engage in at least one of the WIOA Youth Program elements identified on their ISS by beginning a relevant youth service.2 DWD-DET requires that youth begin at least one service that aligns with one of the 14 WIOA Youth Program elements within 90 days from the end date of their "Eligibility Determination" service in ASSET. If a youth has not begun participation in a service aligned with a Youth Program element within 90 days after the end date of the Eligibility Determination service, the local WDB must exit the participant.

If individuals apply to the WIOA Youth Program, are determined to be eligible ISY or OSY, but fail to meet the other enrollment requirements, program staff must take steps to refer them to alternative programs, if available and appropriate.3

Note: Local WDBs may spend WIOA Youth Program funds on outreach, recruitment, and eligibility determination assessments for individuals who are not yet WIOA Youth Program participants.4

10.4.2 Enrolling 18 to 24 Year Olds

Effective date: January 1, 2019

Individuals who are 18 to 24 years old may enroll in the WIOA Adult Program, Dislocated Worker Program, or the WIOA Youth Program, as long as they meet the respective program's eligibility requirements. The individual may also be enrolled in two or more WIOA Title I-B programs at the same time (this is called "co-enrollment").1 The local WDB and its service providers must have a process in place to assist staff in determining the appropriate program(s) for individuals between the ages 18 and 24.2 The local WDB and its service providers are responsible for tracking the funding streams that pay the costs of services and ensuring that services are not duplicated.3

DOL recommends considering a variety of factors when determining which WIOA Title I-B program(s) best suit an 18 to 24 year old including:

  • school status at time of enrollment;
  • career readiness as demonstrated by occupational skill levels, prior work experiences, maturity level, experience with adult schedules and responsibilities, and overall employability;
  • the individual's situation with respect to drug or alcohol abuse, homelessness, foster care status, family abuse/neglect, or pregnancy and parenting;
  • the unavailability of ITAs for ISY Youth Program participants; and
  • whether the individual needs more intensive support around specific program elements available through the Youth Program.4

Note: WIOA Youth funds may be used towards an objective assessment to determine if an 18 to 24 year old should be enrolled in the Youth Program,5 and receiving the assessment will not trigger participation in the Youth Program.6 However, receiving an assessment in the Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs does trigger participation for purposes of performance calculations for those programs. 7

Individual Training Account

Effective date: September 2, 2019

An Individual Training Account (ITA) is the payment the local WDB or its service provider makes, on behalf of a participant, to a training institution for training services, when the institution and the program of interest are included on the State's Eligible Training Programs List (ETPL).

20 CFR § 680.300


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