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1.7 Ensuring Continuity of Participant Services


Chapter 1.7.1 Resources

Comments and Responses to Draft Policy

1.7.1 Ensuring Continuity of Participant Services

Effective Date: February 16, 2022

In the event that a career planner will no longer be assigned to a participant (due to staff turnover, reassignment, or change of service provider, for example), DWD-DET requires that the participant be reassigned to another career planner. That reassignment and the first attempt to contact the participant by the newly assigned career planner must take place within 10 business days of the original career planner ceasing to be responsible for the participant's case.

If the initial contact attempt is not successful, the career planner must make at least two subsequent attempts within 30 business days of being assigned to the participant. In this case, DWD-DET strongly recommends using various methods of communication (for example, email, phone call, text message). Career planners must also adhere to their local Workforce Development Board's contact policies, if applicable.

The reassignment must be documented by changing the assigned career planner in the ASSET Programs screen and entering an ASSET customer note. All contact attempts, communication methods used, and their results must also be documented in ASSET customer notes.

This practice will ensure that participants receive consistent and continuous access to services in case of staff turnover or other instances of career planner transition.

Note: DWD-DET recognizes that there may be a need to assign participants to a temporary, or interim staff person while conducting recruitment and hiring activities for a full-time, permanent replacement, and considers such temporary/interim assignments to be aligned with the expectations of this policy. Such temporary/interim assignment should still be documented in ASSET, and the temporarily assigned staff person should document contact attempts as outlined in the policy.


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