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  • Customized Employment uses an approach called Discovery to identify strengths of an individual in community settings. Those strengths are then matched to fill the needs of a business and a job is customized. Customized Employment is an option when typical supported employment strategies have not been successful, or customized employment strategies may more successfully meet individualized support needs.

  • Individualized Placement and Support (IPS) Individualized Placement and Support (IPS) is an evidence-based model of Supported Employment for consumers needing long term support to maintain a job who have a primary diagnosis of serious and persistent mental illness and/or substance abuse. The services are provided in a working alliance with the mental health treatment team and include: planning for employment, job development, job placement, providing support on the job, a transition to long-term support and successful employment.

  • Internship/Temporary Work (I/TW) is time-limited, paid, work experience. This service is designed to impart in-depth knowledge of day-to-day work requirements in a competitive integrated setting for DVR consumers. Possible purposes of the placement include: to try a job, determine an appropriate vocational goal, determine readiness for employment, determine need for rehabilitation technology and/or job accommodations, work hardening, development of a current work reference, or to develop new skills.

  • Job Preparation, Development and Placement Services are a comprehensive set of services utilized to assist DVR Consumers in their efforts to plan for, seek, obtain and maintain employment.

  • Student Work Based Learning Services are a set of services to be used with students in high school or a post-secondary education training program, aged 14-21, who have an IEP, 504 plan, or documented disability. Skills gained through these experiences are meant to help with future job development and placement as the student ages. The experiences are not intended to be the student's end IPE goal job.

  • Supported Employment is competitive integrated employment in an integrated work setting in which an individual with a most significant disability, including a youth with a most significant disability, is working consistent with the unique strengths, abilities, interests, and informed choice of the individual, with ongoing support services.

  • Systematic Instruction is employment support provided by paid service provider staff to assist DVR consumers on the job site and may include assistance with logistics of getting to the job site. This service may be included as part of an on-the-job training, temporary work, internship or for job retention. This duration of this services varies, depending on the needs of the individual, and is intended to fade. Other employment supports including assistive technology and natural supports can be used along with systematic instruction. It is distinguished from supported employment in its use for individuals who do not need long term support following DVR file closure, or plan to continue with other supported employment services.

  • Vocational Evaluation Services assist DVR Consumers to identify viable vocational options and make decisions about their vocational direction by participating in identified assessment services, in partnership with an evaluator, to explore their individual interests, skills and abilities.

  • Work Incentive Benefits Analysis Services are intended to assist consumers who receive Social Security disability benefits and other public benefits to address questions or concerns related to work and earnings and navigate benefit, entitlement, and economic assistance programs toward self-sufficiency.