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DVR Service Description: On-the-Job Assessment

Description of Service Category

On-the-Job Assessment can be used to provide the consumer with a short-term experience in a community based, competitive, integrated work setting earning commensurate wages. The purpose of the assessment may be to further explore an occupation, gain employer feedback, or develop new skills. The assessment must be identified in the service authorization from DVR, and is designed to provide the consumer knowledge of work requirements in a competitive integrated setting on an individual basis.


On the Job Assessment, Set-up, and Monitoring Provide consumer with a short term competitive and integrated work experience. 60 days
  1. On the Job Assessment, Set-up, and Monitoring Report
  2. Meeting in person, by phone, or virtually, for Service Provider to review the report with the consumer. DVR counselor attendance optional.

Note: An Authorization for Services is required from DVR before any services can begin

Service Provided: On-the-Job Assessment, Setup, and Monitoring

On-the-Job Assessment Report (DVR-18041-E)

On-the-Job Assessment Agreement (DVR-18399-E)

On-the-Job Assessment (OJA) Process Checklist

Service/Reporting Requirements

Reports are due within five (5) business days of the end of the service or within 5 business days after the end of the previous month if the service is continuing.

***If the service provider is seeking to use their own reporting template, the report must contain all the elements and follow the same sequence in the required DVR reporting template. Please email the DVR Program Development Specialist at to submit a reporting template and request for approval.

Billing Requirements

Invoices for services should be submitted as described on the Authorization for Services, also referred to as the purchase order. Invoices must be received by DVR within 60 days of completion of the service. Properly submitted invoices will be paid within 30 days of receipt when reports and services have been delivered and accepted as specified.