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Information for DVR Service Providers

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Statewide services include: Work Incentive Benefits Analysis, Internship/Temporary Work, Systematic Instruction, Job Preparation, Development and Placement,Supported Employment, Vocational Evaluation, IPS Supported Employment, and Customized Employment.

To provide any of these statewide services, there is an established vetting process and completion of a statewide service agreement is required. Statewide service agreements are completed online. DVR provides many other services to DVR consumers not included in the listing. For information on providing those services please contact your local DVR office and see the Resources/Links section.

New Providers

If you are a new agency or person interested in serving DVR consumers as an approved statewide provider, you will need to arrange a face to face interview withthe Workforce Development Area Director. Please see Process for New DVR Service Providers and DVR Office Locations.

Effective March 1, 2020, DVR will not accept applications for the current service agreement term (07/01/18-06/30/2020). Any interested party may apply for the 2020-2022 service agreement term.

Service agreements for the current 2018-2020 term may be approved after the March 1st deadline at the discretion of the WDA Director in order to address a critical need.