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How To Set Up and Use DVR's Scanning Methods

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Reports can be provided in a variety of methods that include (listed in order of preference):

  • Uploaded directly to case in the Service Provider Portal
  • URL upload
  • Faxing
  • Emailing

Reports are attached to IRIS using the URL and Fax Number scanning methods. The benefits to this process include but are not limited to the following:

  • Improving accuracy of the reports
  • Improving timeliness of the reports being attached to the case file
  • Reducing time and paper usage

Note: Reports with headers can be found on the Service Providers Technical Specifications page

  • Double check the IRIS number for accuracy. Do not enter all "0s" if the IRIS number is unknown.
  • Please use the correct form for the correct service.
  • Do not use a cover letter.
  • Do not tamper with header (font, spacing, size, etc.)
  • Make sure to use the correct abbreviated Service Provider name your company created.

Note: The abbreviation (up to 10-characters) can be found under the Service Provider tab in the Service Provider Portal.

  1. Set-up access to the Service Provider Portal
    1. The main contact and any personnel assigned administrator role can log into service agreement to verify that scanning role has been assigned to personnel within each individual personnel profile.
    2. If the personnel submitting reports DOES NOT have access to the portal:
      1. Request registration by going to the DVR Service Provider site and clicking "create an account."
      2. Follow the prompts to complete the request. Once the request is received by DVR, the main contact listed on the account will be contacted by the DVR Contract Specialist to confirm approval of the personnel's access.
  2. Access the report upload site by going to DVR File Upload page and entering your service provider portal credentials.
    Note: You may need to enter the prefix 'WIEXT\' before username to login.
  3. Once the personnel logs in, the site should look like the image below. Click "browse" to choose the document for submission and click "upload file."
  4. Reports with headers or without headers can be sent via URL. The URL is a hybrid of the current and new fax system.
    Note: The URL can accept both a report with/without a header.
screenshot of DVR File Upload page
  1. No special set-up is required.
  2. Only reports WITH headers can be faxed to this number.
  3. Fees may apply as it is a 608 area code.
  1. No special set-up is required.
  2. Only reports WITHOUT headers can be faxed to this number.
  3. This method does not charge a fee.

Note: Reports must be manually attached to IRIS using this method.

  1. Send email with the report attached to

Note: Reports must be manually attached to IRIS using this method.