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On-the-Job Assessment (OJA) Process Checklist

Updated: 04/2018

  • OJA identified in IPE, or assessment needed, provider selected by DVR consumer. DVR staff provides and discusses OJA referral information and required personal documentation and banking information required to work. Obtain information needed.
  • OJA purchase authorization completed by DVR staff to OJA provider for site set-up and monitoring.
  • OJA site set up by OJA provider. OJA proposal submitted to DVR and approved and OJA agreement form completed by OJA provider with consumer and site employer. Includes completion of I-9, W-4, direct deposit or debit card application, check copy (if direct deposit chosen), written job description (if available) and Benefit Enrollment Form.
  • OJA provider sends DVR the completed OJA agreement form for approval and position description (if provided). Notify DVR if a work permit is needed.
  • DVR staff inform consumers (and/or guardian/payee) receiving SSI or SSDI that OJA and wages need to be reported to the local Social Security office. The Employer of Record reported to the local Social Security office must be Opportunities Incorporated since the consumer's wages will come through them.
  • DVR staff review OJA agreement form and position description (If provided). DVR Staff confirms Site Employer is not delinquent on State of WI Delinquent Tax Payer web site. .
  • DVR staff signs the agreement and completes purchase authorization to Employer of Record provider with separate lines. Line #1 for Total of hours X (wages X insurance multiplier) =Total with start and end dates. Line #2 for set-up fee and Line #3 $10.00 Work Permit Fee (if applicable) designating alerts for receiving go to WDA assigned staff. DVR sends employer of record PO and signed agreement to OJA provider.
  • DVR staff includes purchase authorization number on OJA agreement.
  • DVR staff sends OJA agreement and purchase authorization to OJA provider.
    • OJA provider sends completed packet through the Employer of Record's Employer Portal at least 1 week prior to the consumer's start date. DVR staff, consumer/guardian, worksite, and service provider must all agree with start date. Packet includes: Completed OJA agreement, W-4, I-9, direct deposit or debit card application, check copy (if direct deposit chosen, written job description (if provided), DVR PO for employer of record service and Benefit Enrollment Form.
  • Employer of Record creates payroll record, sets up debit card or direct deposit. Employer of Record notifies OJA provider and DVR with any problems regarding set up.
  • Employer of Record contacts site employer via email to establish wage and hour's verification, payroll schedule, and time sheets.
  • Employer of Record sends confirmation email to OJA provider and DVR Counselor with "go ahead" message. DVR sends copy of the final OJA agreement to the consumer and site employer.
  • If OJA is not going to start on expected start date, OJA provider notifies DVR and Employer of Record immediately.
  • OJA provider maintains contact with site employer and consumer completing monthly reports to DVR.
  • Site employer, in conjunction with the OJA provider, verifies hours on a weekly basis via the Employer Portal. Must be received no later than 5 PM on Mondays every week.
  • Employer of Record processes payroll weekly and invoices DVR CCP weekly, sending wage submission information to each WDA fiscal expert for receiving.
  • Assigned VR staff completes receiving on all OJA participants every week. Follows-up on discrepancies.
  • OJA provider notifies DVR consumer 2 days prior to end of OJA to confirm end date.
  • OJA provider confirms end date with DVR staff for possible purchase authorization adjustment.
  • OJA ends. OJA provider and Employer of Record invoice for final payment.