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About the Workforce Data Integration System (WDIS)

The purpose of the Workforce Data Integration System is to increase evidence-based decision-making for both DWD policies and practices. DWD bases programs, policies, and service delivery on evidence, with the aim to understand the impact of trainings, programs, and service offerings as a DWD system of support. DWD works as a team to leverage and manage data assets, and builds evidence efficiently to improve personal and family centered outcomes, with the expressed goal of making data available for use internally and externally as a means to define and implement better outcomes to the communities DWD serves. The WDIS is guided by DWD's Vision to:

  1. Base programs, policies, and service delivery on evidence
  2. Understand system impacts
  3. Leverage and exhibit collective data assets to efficiently build evidence
  4. Ensure data availability to improve service delivery

View DWD's future evidence vision