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Workforce Data Integration System (WDIS)

What is WDIS?

The purpose of the Workforce Data Integrated System (WDIS) is to increase research and program evaluation by making evidence building activities more efficient by creating repeatable and transparent data sharing mechanisms and processes between programs to answer relevant questions about workforce development programs. WDIS sets the groundwork for Department-wide culture change towards data driven policy and programming. WDIS will enable Wisconsin's workforce development programs to determine whether its programs are working, create evidence highlighting positive practices we should grow, and evidence identifying areas needing exploration to improve. WDIS also supports the state's programs data-driven decision model to address its workforce development problems. The WDIS manages the "governed" data by providing the appropriate data governance which results in research that is trusted, understood, and appropriate for use in policy decisions. The WDIS will be guided by DWD's Vision to:

  • Base programs, policies, service delivery on evidence
  • Understand the system's impact
  • Leverage and message collective data assets to build evidence efficiently
  • Data are available to improve service delivery

Learning Areas

Refer to the handout Learning Agenda for the specific questions.

  1. Improving Employment Service and Training Outcomes
  2. Using Labor Market Information (LMI) to Help Job Seekers and Businesses Make Informed Decisions
  3. Improving Customer Service and Service Alignment
  4. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Contact us: wdis@dwd.wisconsin.gov