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WDIS Products

Learning Agenda

Learning agendas, or evidence-building plans, are systematic plans for identifying and addressing priority questions relevant to the programs, policies, and regulations of an agency. They identify, prioritize, and establish strategies to develop evidence to answer important short- and long-term questions including:

  • Strategic questions about how the agency meets its mission(s), including about how programs, policies, and regulations function.
  • Operational questions about the agency’s operations like human resources, grant-making procedures, financial systems and tracking, and internal processes.

Learning agendas should be iterative, flexible, transparent, and tailored to both meet an individual agency’s needs and address agency-specific challenges to developing evidence.

View DWD's Learning Agenda

Evidence Plan

Evidence plans operationalize the learning agenda and are a prioritized list of evidence projects based on a one year cycle. The evidence plan is revised each June based on the existing four year learning agenda and current department evidence needs.

View DWD's Evidence Plan

The WDQI Midpoint Celebration video provides an overview of the WDQI work and the system the grant intended to build.

The Workforce Data Integration System learning agenda video provides an overview of the 2021-2025 DWD learning agenda.

About LWD

The Longitudinal Workforce Database (LWD) is a cross agency customer data warehouse designed to efficiently provide department wide customer reports. DWD's Information Technology Management Board (ITMB) governs the LWD. The LWD has customer datasets from WIOA Title I, WIOA Title III, WIOA Title IV, Reemployment Services Eligibility Assessment, Trade Adjustment Assistance Act, Jobs for Veterans State Grant, Registered Apprenticship, Youth Apprenticeship, and Wisconsin Fast Forward. Contact WDIS for more information.