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ATTENTION! We are currently providing benefits & services under the TAA Reversion 2021 Law for petitions that were filed on or after 07/01/2021 and that are assigned a petition number of 98,000 or above. For information on how to determine which law your petition falls under, please refer to the program's FAQ page.

Participant Handbooks

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program

The participant handbook contains important information and instructions to help you know and protect your rights available under the Federal Trade Adjustment Assistance program. The handbook is based on the law when your petition was certified.

What Law Are You Covered Under?

The Federal Trade Act of 1974 was amended in 2015, 2011, 2009 and 2002 (see Statutes & Regulations). The mix of benefits and services will be different based on when petitions were filed.

Petition Number

If you don’t know your petition number, you may identify it by conducting a search on the US DOL website using your company name. The petition number corresponds with the law governing the TAA program at the time the TA-W number was assigned.

The petition number also indicates whether the benefits that may be available to you are those under the 2015, 2011, 2009 and 2002 Law.

  • If your 5-digit petition # is 85000 to 97999, you're potentially eligible under 2015 Law.
  • If your 5-digit petition # begins with 8, you're potentially eligible under 2011 Law.
  • If your 5-digit petition # begins with 7, you're potentially eligible under 2009 Law.
  • If your 5-digit petition # begins with 5 or 6, you're potentially eligible under 2002 Law.


Please refer to the appropriate handbook based on when your petition was filed: