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ATTENTION! We are currently providing benefits & services under the TAA Reversion 2021 Law for petitions that were filed on or after 07/01/2021 and that are assigned a petition number of 98,000 or above. For information on how to determine which law your petition falls under, please refer to the program's FAQ page.

Living Expenses: Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA)

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program

What are TRA Payments?

TRA payments provide a weekly allowance for your living expenses while you go to school full-time. TRA is a special extension of your unemployment insurance (UI) that pays an amount similar to your weekly unemployment check. There are three extensions of TRA to help you get through your training program:

  • Basic (26 weeks)
  • Additional (65 weeks)
  • Completion (13 weeks)

Am I Eligible for TRA?

To be eligible for TRA you must be:

  • Enrolled full-time in TAA-approved training, or
  • Waived from the training requirement

You must be enrolled in training or your TAA Career Planner must waive your enrollment requirement by your training approval deadline, which is 26 weeks (approximately six months) from either your layoff date, or the date of your company's TAA certification by the U.S. Department of Labor, whichever is later. If you did not attend an orientation, or you were not informed of your deadline date, call (888) 258-9966.

REMEMBER: Your TAA Career Planner will help you through this process, but you must take steps to meet this 26-week deadline or you will likely lose your TRA benefit payments.

Training Waivers

The TAA program requires you to be enrolled full-time in TAA-approved training by your 26-week deadline. However, in certain circumstances, your TAA Career Planner may approve a waiver, which gives you more time to enroll and start your training program.

You must either be enrolled in your training program or have received a waiver by your 26-week deadline. Your TAA Career Planner will help you through this process, but you must take steps to meet this 26-week deadline or you will likely lose your TRA payments forever.

Working & School

Working while attending school is allowed, with some limitations. Work with your TAA Career Planner to determine how many hours you can work without reducing TRA payments.


  • You cannot receive TRA payments during school breaks over 30 days (for example, summer break).
  • If you receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments, you are not eligible to receive TRA payments.

For more information, see your Benefit Rights & Obligations or your Participant Handbook.