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Approval for Private and Out-of-State School

Reviewed: June 2019


To communicate necessary approval steps for attendance at a private or out-of-state school.


DVR prefers in-state and public schools as we must pursue the lowest-cost option, however DVR also recognizes that specific situations may require a DVR consumer to attend a private or out-of-state school to reach their employment goal.

The procedure described below will ensure that the consumer can exercise informed choice and that DVR has practiced due diligence in providing information to the consumer when decisions are made.

A student may choose an out-of-state or private school for one or more reasons, which may include the following:

DVR Counselors should assist the consumer in selecting a school to meet their needs. In some situations, choosing an out-of-state of private school should be avoided:


Before a private or out-of-state school is included in an IPE, the DVR Counselor will first seek an Administrative Review (Internal Link) of attendance at the school. This administrative review will only need to be completed once per school.

If the Director or Supervisor does not approve attendance at the private or out-of-state school, the consumer may still attend if they accept their calculated DVR Training Grant amount. It must be explained to the consumer that they are not eligible for an exception for additional funding. Consumers have the right to appeal any denial of additional funds.

The intent of the Administrative Review is to act as a check-in and identify why a student has selected the private or out-of-state school. As with any denial of services, the consumer must be provided written appeal rights.

Financial Aid and the DVR Training Grant

No exception or additional review is required if a student is attending a private or out-of-state school (with administrative approval) and accepts the training grant limit of $5,000 per academic year.

If a student is attending a private or out-of-state school (with administrative approval) and wishes to request funds over the $5,000 amount identified in the fee schedule, the consumer must request an exception each school year for which they are requesting additional funds.