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Responsibility Checklist for DVR Consumers Applying for a DVR Training Grant

Reviewed: June 2019

You are responsible for making sure that all items listed on the checklist are completed. If you do not, it may affect your financial aid and/or your DVR training grant.

  • Apply for federal financial aid as soon as possible after October 1. It is not necessary to file taxes before filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can fill out a free application at
  • Apply for admission to the school(s) you are interested in attending if you are a new or transfer student. Keep in mind that DVR must support the lowest-cost option.
  • Register for classes and give DVR a copy of your grades from the previous term, your class schedule, and projected course plan. A course plan outlines what courses are required for your program, and provides an expected schedule of required courses and expected completion date. You may obtain a copy from your academic advisor at your school.
  • Get the "DVR Training Grant - Information Form" from DVR. Sign and return the form to DVR. Your signature gives permission for the financial aid office and the academic records office to share information with DVR. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must also sign the form.
  • DVR will send the signed "DVR Training Grant - Information Form" to the financial aid office of the school you plan to attend. When the form has been completed, DVR will contact you to let you know the amount of your DVR training grant award. Discuss the results with your DVR counselor.
  • If you disagree with your training grant calculations, go back to your school's Financial Aid Office to discuss potential changes to your FAFSA information or budget.
  • If you change your schedule or credit load, notify DVR immediately.

  • Before you can get your DVR training grant for the second term, DVR must have a copy of your grades and schedule.
    A DVR training grant will not be processed if the documents are not provided to DVR prior to your school's census date.

Training Grant Checklist in Spanish

Last updated June 2019