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Authorizing for Training Grant via Direct Payment

Revised: 06/2015

  1. Contact the school directly to confirm non-receipt of purchase order, create casenote which includes date, contact information and name of school personnel.
  2. Complete an exception for Supervisory Review- The supervisor must confirm that the school will not accept a purchase order and process any other exception requests.
  3. Upon approval, enter an authorization case note or select an existing authorization case note (related to the training grant) and document reason for authorization according to fiscal policies; select - the PO/DP tab.
  4. Add Direct Payment for Out-of-state or Private School.
  5. The consumer’s name and address will auto populate if the consumer is entered into the vendor data base and only has one address listed. If the consumer’s name and address do not auto populate, you can enter the consumer’s information into the vendor data base from the DP screen.
  6. *Check to be sure the consumer’s address is up-to-date in the IRIS summary and vendor data base to ensure the check is mailed to the correct address.

  7. Enter the amount of the training grant.
  8. Enter the Payment Type (Training Grant).
  9. Enter the Payment Service Dates – actual dates the grant covers.
  10. Enter the payment description. Important note: Please make sure the TG payment is the exact amount for the tuition, books, and fees that should be paid.
  11. Select the Grant Indicator Box.
  12. Select the School from the School drop down box.
  13. Select the activity code:
    • 056- graduate/doctorate training.
    • 052 – college/university training.
    • 061 – business/vocational school training.
    • 063 – occupational/vocational/other training.
  14. Save.
  15. From the Status Information tab select Route to CCP.
  16. Obtain verification documentation 30 days from the date the TG was approved, attach in file, and complete verification in IRIS. Verification documentation needs to document, dollar for dollar, all funding provided by the training grant for the tuition, books, and fees.