Worker's Compensation Advisory Council

The Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council was created to advise the Department and Legislature on policy matters concerning the development and administration of the worker’s compensation law. One of the most important and enduring principles of the Council is maintaining the overall stability of the worker’s compensation system without regard to partisan changes in the legislative or executive branches of government. The Council provides a vehicle for labor and management representatives to play a direct role in recommending changes in the worker’s compensation law to the Legislature.

SB-665 WC Agreed Bill for 2018 was introduced in the Wisconsin State Senate on 12/21/2017.

On February 29, 2016 Governor Scott Walker signed the WC Agreed Upon Bill for 2016, AB-724. 2015 Wisconsin Act 180 became effective on March 2, 2016. 2015 Wisconsin Act 180, AB-724 and Plain Language Summary

The current version of DWD 80 & 81, with additions/changes effective November 1, 2015, can be found here: DWD 80/81 . A plain language summary of the amendments to DWD 80 , effective November 1, 2015, is provided here: Plain Language Summary .

Proposals for the Agreed Bill Process for 2019-2020

Proposals for the Agreed Bill Process for 2017-2018

Proposals for the Agreed Bill Process for 2015-2016

Electronic copies of Worker's Compensation Advisory Council documents from past years may be obtained by contacting the WC Division at (608) 266-1340.

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