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Wisconsin UI Electronic Wage Reporting for Employer Service Providers


Read an overview of the Wage Reporting program and requirements for Wisconsin Employers.

Establishing a Logon ID and Password

To file wage reports electronically you need to create a Logon ID and Password. If you have previously used our online File Tax and Wage Reports System to file an individual report for an employer you already have a Login ID and Password.

If you do not have a Login ID and Password follow these steps

Wage Reports

This information is provided for Employer Service Providers (ESP's) to assist them in filing their client's Quarterly Wage Reports electronically. An ESP or employer agent is any third party who prepares the quarterly contribution tax and/or wage report on behalf of an employer who is subject to Wisconsin's Unemployment Insurance law.

Electronic Wage reports may be submitted using one of the following methods:

File Tax and Wage Reports System

The File Tax and Wage Reporting System can be used for reporting both tax and employee wage information for each employer you have account access for.

The first time you use our File Tax and Wage Reports system you will receive a message that says you currently do not have access to any accounts. Click on "Get Account Access" enter the Internet Access Key provided to you by your client in the box and click "Continue".

You will not be required to enter an access key for the same clients in subsequent quarters, only for new clients you have not previously filed reports for.

If you need online access to a UI account, Access Keys can be requested on our website under "Employer Online Services" by selecting "Request Online Access." For security reasons, the access key is sent to the main business mailing address associated with your account.

You can also contact Unemployment Insurance at (608) 261-6700, Monday through Friday, 8:00AM - 4:00 PM, or email us at Request that we mail a SUITES Portal Access Letter to your client. The letter will come with instructions and an access code explaining how to set up access online to the client's UI account.

Once access has been obtained for a client's account, select the Quarter/Year you will be filing and click on the Reporting Method you wish to use:

  • Tax Report with Employee Wage Entry (Enter each employee's wages and the contribution tax report is automatically created for you with the amount of tax due)
  • Tax Report With Wage File Upload (Enter the contribution tax report payroll and monthly employment amounts online and the system calculates tax amount due and then you can upload the wage file)

Uploading a File of Wage Reports

The department no longer accepts files on magnetic media. Wage Reports can be uploaded separately from the Tax report in one of two ways.

Secure Online Internet Application (HTTPS)

Secure Unattended Application-to-Application File Transmission (FTPS)

  • You do not need access to the employer's Unemployment Insurance account to upload a file of wage reports.
  • Files uploaded must not be compressed or zipped files.
  • You may upload multiple files. All reports do not need to be in one file.
  • Each file uploaded is treated independently of any other file uploaded.
  • There is no minimum number of records that must be in each file.
  • When submitting a file of wage reports, the file must be in the correct file format in order for it to be accepted. See Wage Report File Layout.
  • All reports uploaded are checked for errors that would prevent the processing of the report. Any report that contains errors is not considered a valid report and will not be processed. If a report uploaded is not valid it will be reported on an error report along with the reason the report was not valid. See Wage Report Error Messages for a detailed list of reasons a report cannot be processed.

Secure Online Internet Application (HTTPS)

This option allows you to upload your file to us using a secure online Internet application.

Follow the steps previously outlined to create a User ID and Password and login in to your account. You will be on a page called the Employer Service Provider Home. On that page you will find an option to upload your Wage Report file.

The file uploaded will be checked immediately to see if it is in a valid file format. If the file passes the valid file format check each report in the file then goes through a detail review. Only reports that pass the detailed review can be processed.

All reports that do not pass the detailed review will not be processed. An error report will be provided to the Service Provider listing all reports that cannot be processed along with a reason that they cannot be processed.

Reports that pass the detail review are treated as being received by the department the day they were uploaded by the ESP.

See also detailed instructions regarding the process of uploading a file on the Internet.

Secure Unattended Application-to-Application File Transmission (FTPS)

This automated process utilizes secure FTP (FTPS) to send files instead of using a web browser. This method requires secure FTP software. Large service providers with a high volume of reports, IT staff and a need to automate the upload process will use this method. Most service providers will use the Secure Online Internet Application to upload files.

Please review the unattended application-to-application specifications.

Validation Test Environment for Uploading Files

The department has a test environment available for both the Secure Online Internet Application and Unattended Application to Application file upload. The test environment will validate that the file you uploaded is in the correct file format. The test environment will also review each report uploaded to insure that it is a valid report. If a report uploaded is not valid it will be reported on an error report along with the reason the report was not valid.

Related Resources

Other important information regarding Wage Reporting includes:

The wage detail is required in addition to the Quarterly Contribution Tax Report. Employers are required to file the wage and contribution reports even though they may be unable to make the required contribution payment.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding electronic reporting of Wage Reports, or need assistance, contact us at the following:

File Tax and Wage Reports System
Employer Teams Unit:
(608) 261-6700 or email

Uploading a File of Wage Reports
General Accounting Unit:
(608) 266-6877 or email

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