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PART 6B - Correcting Previously-Reported Wage Reports (for Service Providers)

Unemployment Insurance Handbook for Employers (UCB-201-P)
Section 4 - Wage Reporting

If you already have a Login ID to our online reporting system you can correct previously reported wage reports online.  Bypass the steps to create a new Login ID.

If you do not have a Login ID and Password follow these steps.

Correcting Wage Reports online can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Enter Tax and Wage Report Adjustments online. This is recommended if only a few adjustments are necessary. (requires access to the employers UI account)

    Access codes can be obtained by going to our website at and selecting "Request Online Access to Your Account." Users will be required to create a username and password. Once the username and password are created, the user will enter either their 10-digit UI Account Number or their FEIN number. For security purposes, the access code along with instructions on how to obtain online access are mailed to the employer's main business mailing address.

  2. Upload a Replacement Wage Report file via our online Tax and Wage Reporting System.

Entering Adjustments Online (requires access to employers UI account)

Login as a Service Provider to our online Tax and Wage Reporting System.  On the Service Provider Home page in the section titled File Tax and Wage Reports click the "Adjust Previously Filed Individual Reports" link.  Select the employer account you will be making adjustments to.  You have the option of making adjustments to any employee in a specific quarter or to adjust the wages of a specific employee for multiple quarters by selecting the appropriate radio button. If you simply need to add an employee to an existing Wage Report select “Add New Employees To Existing Wage Report”.

Uploading a Replacement Wage Report File

A Replacement Wage Report is used to correct the name, social security number, or wages that were previously reported for an individual on an Original Wage Report. A Replacement Wage Report cannot be filed unless an Original Wage Report has already been filed for a quarter and year on an employer account.

Please note that a Replacement Wage Report does not replace an existing Original Wage Report in its entirety. It will only modify the data already on file from the Original Wage Report. Therefore, if your intention is to remove an employee that was listed on the Original Wage Report you must include this employee on the Replacement Wage Report and indicate that the employee earned zero wages during the quarter. See examples below of scenarios where a Replacement Wage Report may be used and how to do so properly.

Scenario Necessary Steps
SSN Change from SSN "A" to SSN "B" 1) Create an upload file that includes the Original SSN "A" with a $0 wage amount.
2) Create a record for the new SSN "B" record and the correct wage amount.
Removing 20 of 100 Employees from a Wage Report 1) Create an upload file with the 20 wage record's SSN's, using $0 for the wages.*
*You can make changes to the other records if desired, but the records for removal must be included/Zeroed.
Change a Wage Amount, First, and/or Last name 1) Create an upload file using the relevant SSN numbers and the correct Wage and/or First and/or Last Name.
Moving Wages from an Incorrect Account and/Quarter to a correct Account/Quarter 1) Create a file upload with all relevant records for the 'incorrect' account/quarter and list $0 wages for each record.
2) Create another file to upload to the correct Account/Quarter**
**If there has not been a record previously posted to the "correct" account/quarter, this file must be uploaded as an "Original"
A Zero-payroll Tax Report was previously filed on the account for the quarter/year in question. Wages now need to be reported for that quarter/year. 1) Upload the Wage Report file as an "Original", not as a "Replacement" since there is no Original Wage Report on file yet. As noted above, a "Replacement" Wage Report cannot be filed until an "Original" Wage Report is posted to the account.

To submit a Replacement Wage report login as a Service Provider to our online Tax and Wage Reporting System.  On the Service Provider Home page in the section titled File Tax and Wage Reports click the "Wage Report File Upload" link.  Once you have accessed the Wage Report File Upload screen, select the Replacement Wage Report option. If you only need to add employees select the Appended Wage Report option.

Updated: December 30, 2019

Content Contact: UI Wage Reporting