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Wage Reporting FAQ

Frequently asked questions about how employers covered under Wisconsin's Unemployment Insurance law report quarterly wage information for each employee.

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No. We encourage all employers to report wage data via the Internet. The Tax Report with Employee Wage Entry option is not available for employers or agents reporting 150 or more employees. Employers or agents reporting wage data on-line for 150 or more employees must use the wage file upload reporting option; however, you can also use the wage file upload reporting option for wage reports containing just one employee if you wish.

You are not required to submit a test file before filing a wage report via upload; however, our tax and wage reporting application does have a wage file upload test environment. Employers and agents can upload test wage report files in this test environment to ensure that the wage file(s) are formatted correctly. Our tax and wage reporting application will accept only those wage upload files that are in one of four acceptable file formats. For this reason, we strongly encourage employers and agents to use the test environment.

We suggest using the first six digits of your UI account number, or an abbreviation of your company name.

Yes. You can submit data for multiple employer accounts in a single file, as long as the file is prepared using one of our four approved data formats, and each employer is identified by its correct UI Account Number.

Yes. Report all gross wages paid to each employee in the calendar quarter on your quarterly wage report, regardless of whether they have met the payroll exclusion.

No, we do not accept substitute forms. We use an optical scanner to scan our paper reports and the data must line up and be in our exact format. If you have a computer to print substitute forms, you probably have the capability to file your wage report on-line, which is preferable to paper reporting.

No. You need to create your own text file using one of the four acceptable data formats, and save it as an ASCII text file using the .txt file extension. Once you have the text file created, you can upload the file via the Internet.