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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments

Frequently Asked Questions About EFT ACH Debit Payments

What is electronic funds transfer or EFT?
Electronic funds transfer, often called EFT, is a payment method that replaces sending a paper check. You initiate a payment online using the Internet and allow Unemployment Insurance to deduct a payment from your financial institution on the day you choose and credit the payment to your Unemployment Insurance Account. You no longer have to worry about whether your payment made it through the mail on time.
What information do I have to provide to in order to use EFT on the Internet?
Registration for EFT Internet is a simple one-time process. In order to have your funds deducted electronically from your account you will have to provide us with the following bank account information; your bank account number, your bank routing number, and the type of bank account the payment is being deducted from. (Savings or Checking)
When can I start making EFT Internet payments?
Once you have completed the EFT online Internet registration you can immediately start to make payments.
Is there a cost to me for making an EFT payment online using your Internet Application?
No, UI does not charge you any amount for making an EFT payment online using our EFT application.
Will UI ever initiate an EFT Internet payment without my approval?
No, EFT Internet payments occur only when you initiate an EFT Internet payment entry on our secure Internet Site and only for the amount and on the day that you instruct the payment to be deducted from your bank account.
What if I change financial institutions or want to add additional bank accounts to my registration?
  • Login to your UI account and make sure you are on the Employer Home Page.
  • Select the link on the Employer Home Page that says Payment Options or Manage EFT Account.
  • Once on the Payment Options or Manage EFT Account page select the link that says Manage EFT Bank Accounts. You then can select an existing bank account to update or add a new bank account to your list of bank accounts.
Once you have updated your existing bank account or added a new bank account to your list of bank accounts you can immediately make EFT payments out of that bank account.
Is my EFT Internet Bank Information Secure?
Yes, All EFT data is SSL 128-bit data encrypted. Access to your EFT Internet bank account information is limited to only a few employees. We feel your EFT Internet bank information is more secure than a paper check, which can pass through many hands.
I am making a payment on or before the tax due date but the earliest possible settlement date of payment is a business day after the tax due date. Will my payment be considered timely?
Yes, Any EFT payment initiated by midnight of the tax due date will be treated as a timely payment as long as the user accepts the default settlement date of payment shown on the Make Payment page even though that settlement date of payment will be after the tax due date.
Can I cancel an EFT payment that I make online?
Yes, as long as the payment status is still pending you can cancel the payment.
After I made my Payment I realized the Bank Account I made the payment from is no longer valid. What should I do?
You have two choices if the status of the payment is still pending.
  • Log back into your EFT account and update your EFT bank account information the pending payment is attached to. The pending payment you previously made will also be updated to be deducted from the updated bank account information. The system will give you a warning message telling you this when you update a bank account with pending payments attached to it.
  • Log back into your EFT account and cancel the pending payment with the incorrect bank account information, then update your bank account information and then make a new payment from the updated bank account.
If the payment status is no longer pending you must update your EFT bank account information or add a new bank account and initiate a new payment.
Can I view a history of payments previously made?
Yes, you can log back into the application and view previous EFT payments made on this system. To view details about a payment click on the payment confirmation number for that payment in the payment history grid.
Can I pay delinquent taxes via EFT?
Yes, login to your UI account on the Internet and once you are on the employer home page under Account Functions select the option that says click here for billing details and payment options. This will take you to your billing detail page where you can then initiate your EFT payment.
Can I set up an EFT installment payment plan?
If you are interested in setting up a payment plan for the delinquent tax on your UI account, you can either call and speak to one of our collectors at (608) 266-9700 or email UI Collections staff.
Why pay by EFT instead of check?
You may make your EFT Internet payment up to 365 calendar days in the future. Making your payment now allows you to make your payment in advance but not have the funds taken out of your account until the actual tax due date. Making your payment by EFT insures that the UI will receive the money on the day you specify when making your payment. You save money on postage and don't have to worry about the payment getting lost in the mail and incurring penalties. Remember that making an EFT payment with a future settlement date of payment does not relieve you of meeting your tax liability due date. Payments made after the tax due date will result in interest being assessed on the tax due and could effect your next years UI Tax Rate.
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