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ACH Credit Payments

The ACH credit method allows you to pay your Unemployment Insurance (UI) Taxes by instructing your financial institution to debit your account and credit the state's bank account. No authorization form or registration is required by UI to start making ACH credit payments. Financial institutions may charge you a fee for making ACH credit payments. Please contact your financial institution to see if they offer this payment method.

ACH credit payments must be initiated at least one business day prior to the tax due date to insure that they are received on time.

If you do not have an amount due for the quarter do not initiate a zero dollar payment.

Voluntary contribution payments can not be made via ACH credit.

Important Points to follow when making an ACH Credit Payment

  1. The bank routing number to send your UI payment to is 075000022.
  2. The bank account number to send your UI payment to is 182845580
  3. Make sure to have your financial institution include the 10 digit UI account number the payment is for in the Taxpayer Identification field of the Addenda Record.

See ACH Credit instructions your financial institution must follow when making ACH credit payments to UI.

Pay special attention to the sample electronic addenda record format on how your UI account number should be reported to us when paying via ACH credit.