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MyWisconsin ID Registration

A step-by-step guide to register for a new MyWisconsin ID account. All steps must be completed to complete your registration process. If you are unable to register, please contact the DWD IT Solutions Center at (608) 266-7252.

  1. Create a MyWisconsin ID account

    To create a MyWisconsin ID account, go to, and click the Sign Up link.

  2. Add personal information

    Enter your First Name, Last Name, and an Email address that will be used as your username, and click the Sign Up button

  3. Verify your email address

    You will be prompted to verify your email address and set up a password on your account. Click the Set up button in the Email section to verify your email.

  4. Activate MyWisconsin ID account

    An email will be sent to the email address you entered, click Activate MyWisconsin ID Account in that email to verify your email address.

  5. Set up password

    After verifying your email address, you will set up a password for your account. Click the Set up button in the Password section to set up a password.

  6. Create a password

    Enter a new password that follows the requirements and then click Next.

  7. Set up security methods

    After setting up a password for your account, you will be prompted to select a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) method to enroll. Select your preferred MFA method and click Set up. Additional MFA information is available on DOA's website.

  8. Finished

    After completing the set up of MFA for your account, you will be directed to the last screen. Click Finish to completed your registration.