Services for Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers

The Bureau of Job Service (BJS) staff provide the same range of services to Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers (MSFWs) as are provided to non-MSFW job seekers. The US Department of Labor Federal Regulations (20 C.F.R. 651-658) require that States ensure that the services provided to Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers (MSFWs) are qualitatively equivalent and quantitatively proportionate to the services provided to non-MSFWs. States are required to deliver all workforce development related services, benefits and protections, career guidance/counseling, testing, job development, job training and job referral services to MSFWs on an equitable and non-discriminatory basis.


Federal regulations require that States conduct outreach to MSFWs who are not being reached by normal intake activities conducted by local job center offices. Outreach staff contact MSFWs in their living, working or gathering areas to inform MSFWs about services available from the local job center offices, including the availability of referrals to agricultural and non-agricultural employment and training, referral to support services, testing, counseling, and other job development services, etc. Outreach staff also provide information about the Job Service Complaint System, farm worker rights and services provided by community based organizations.

MSFWs Specialists (bilingual in English/Spanish) provide these services and are available to assist the farm worker in job centers throughout our State.


According to federal regulations, Job Service operates the Job Service Complaint System for filing and processing customer complaints related to alleged violations of State and/or Federal employment related laws. Job Service Complaint Specialists can be contacted at job centers throughout the State. Complaints must be submitted in writing and must contain the complaint's signature. One Stop Career Center (OSCC) Complaint/Referral Record.

Monitor Advocates

Monitor Advocate Services were established at the National, Regional and State levels to monitor services to Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers and ensure compliance with DOL regulations.

Some of the responsibilities of the State Monitor Advocate (SMA) are to monitor Wisconsin Job Centers to ensure equity of services to MSFWs, ensure needs or complaints submitted through the Job Service Complaint System are addressed or referred to partners (i.e. Wage and Hour, OSHA, others) and to follow up on referred complaints. The SMA submits quarterly activity reports to the federal Department of Labor regarding the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development's services to MSFWs.

For more information on MSFWs, please see the US Department of Labor MSFWs website.  A MSFW Desk Aid is also available to assist in clarifying how MSFWs are defined.

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