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Partners with Business - Service Description

Effective July 1, 2023

Description of Service

Partners with Business (PwB) is a strategy for providing on the job support using a consumer's co-workers instead of a provider employee. The employer is reimbursed for the time a co-worker spends assisting a consumer. This service is especially effective for consumers transitioning to Long Term Supports but can also be used for consumers that will not.

The DVR Partners with Business Screening Tool can be used to determine whether the employment situation is a fit for PwB. If a service provider and DVR staff agree the circumstances are a good fit, WDA staff will contact Andrzej Walz-Chojnacki at to arrange an orientation to the service delivery process. Any provider with Systematic Instruction on their service agreement is eligible to provide the service.

PwB must be provided by staff who have experience and skill in presenting material to employer partners and are knowledgeable about systematic instruction best practices. Minimum guidelines for the topics to be covered during employer training can be found below. Additionally, Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental disabilities has developed templates which service providers may find useful, including a templates for agreements between the service provider and employer and invoices.

The fees for Partners with Business each month include the typical $75 Employer of Record payroll set up fee to compensate providers for the tasks of transmitting the invoice for the co-worker support's time from the employer to DVR, and disbursing the invoiced funds to the employer from DVR. That is, the $1675 and $575 fees are inclusive of the Employer of Record payroll set up fee.

When provided remotely, the service provider and employer must each have access to a computer and internet connection to deliver employment support principles training. Telephone connection or online meeting platforms may also be used for meetings between provider and consumer.

Skills to Pay the Bills - Summary of Service
Service Purpose Timeframe(s) Deliverables Payment
Initial Month Provide employer training to support consumer and a plan for successful transition from agency provided support. 45 days from authorization
  1. Job and Task Analysis and Systematic Instruction Report
  2. Signed Employer Agreement
  3. Employer invoice
$1,675 + co-worker expense
Following Months Maintain contact with consumer and employer to confirm satisfactory implementation. 30 days from authorization and ongoing
  1. Job and Task Analysis and Systematic Instruction Report
  2. Employer invoice
$575 + co-worker expense

An Authorization for Services from DVR is required before any services can begin.

Initial Month

Subsequent Months until Transition to Long Term Support or Closure

Service Notes

Some traditional employment support provided by a VR-contracted agency at the typical rate may continue in addition to support from the consumer's co-worker. If DVR agrees that unforeseen circumstances required a high degree of support from the service provider in the second month, a second payment of $1,675 may be authorized.

Providers must supply an IRS Form 1099 for that year to any employer that receives more than $600 in compensation.

Service/Reporting Requirements

Reports are due within five (5) business days of the end of the delivery of all of the courses. If there is an interruption in the schedule of course or the consumer elects to end the program, DVR should be contacted.

***If the service provider is seeking to use their own reporting template, the report must contain all elements and follow the same sequence as the required DVR reporting template. Please email the DVR Program Development Specialist at to submit a reporting template and request for approval.

Billing Requirements

Invoices for services should be submitted as described on the Authorization for Services, also referred to as the purchase order (PO). Invoices must be received by DVR within 60 days of completion of the service. Properly submitted invoices will be paid within 30 days of receipt when reports and services have been delivered and accepted as specified.