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Project Updates

Second Quarter 2022

During the second quarter, the UI modernization team continued the foundational work that occurred in the first quarter for designing the cloud architecture and the supporting protections for data protection and overall system security. As with any new build, this foundational work will continue to build over time a strong, solid foundation to support new applications. This quarter delivered an initial vulnerability plan, an automated workflow, an initial communication mechanism between the legacy and modern systems, implementation of a strategy for de-identification uniquely identified data, and early implementation of a data storage approach.

Also in progress, initial work was underway to establish a tool that could perform a benefit estimate for staff to use in working with claimants. Before moving into production, all infrastructure needs will be evaluated, including secure communication methods, data security, and vulnerability management.

DWD/DOA Legislative Update July 27, 2022

First Quarter 2022

The initial focus of the UI modernization effort is claims processing. The current system cannot address all case types resulting in a significant amount of manual processing. The UI modernization team began the task of building the early stages of the cloud infrastructure with the appropriate security and controls and initial system development with a focus establishing claimant eligibility and employer charging. This work included continuing research on our existing system, exploring options for extracting and storing the existing data, and developing technical mechanisms for connecting the State of Wisconsin-controlled data center to the cloud.

DWD completed the transition of the existing call centers to the cloud-based contact center, including the integration of the voice-based chatbot on the UI main telephone number after hours. The voice based chatbot is able to answer frequently asked questions in English and Spanish. In addition, a chatbot was implemented on the website that can answer questions in English, Spanish, and Hmong

DWD/DOA Legislative Update Apr. 28, 2022

Fourth Quarter 2021

The UI modernization team, composed of DWD and Flexion staff, held an initial kick off meeting and began the discovery process to establish a common understanding of the existing Unemployment Insurance (UI) systems.

This work was focused on developing the team working protocols and language; obtaining access to DWD systems and environments; and obtaining sufficient understanding and knowledge about the data flows, code execution flows, the new cloud-based environment, and policy and business processes.

DWD implemented the first phase of the cloud-based contact center with a subset of the call centers fully using the new cloud-based contact center. Work was completed in phases to meet both the programmatic needs and to ensure a smooth transition over time.

DWD entered into an agreement to develop a chatbot that will serve on both the DWD Unemployment Insurance (UI) website and through a voice feature on the call center. Work has begun to identify the frequently asked questions that will be included in this effort.

DWD/DOA Legislative Update Jan. 31, 2022

Third Quarter 2021

DWD began preparations for the initial kick off meeting with the UI modernization vendor, Flexion.

DWD contracted with Nice CXone, a cloud-based Customer Contact Center, through the NASPO ValuePoint Contract to provide call center services. The outcome of this contract is to establish a new cloud-based call center to increase the scalability of the solution to meet the changing needs of DWDs programs. In addition, the solution offers seamless integration of a telephony system with

DWD/DOA Legislative Update Oct. 29, 2021

Sept. 29, 2021

DWD has signed a contract with Madison-based Flexion that involves integration of off-the-shelf software and cloud-based solutions along with significant custom software development. Flexion brings a unique combination of programming expertise and user-experience insight to power DWD's unemployment insurance system modernization efforts.