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Suggested Ideas for Outreach and Support

For Community Partners Assisting Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claimants

Potential claimants may not be aware that they may be eligible for UI, may have concerns about receiving UI, or may have difficulty with the UI application. The most effective messengers and sources of support are those who interact closely with claimants, such as community-based organizations.

The following are ideas for conducting outreach and supporting claimants with accessing their UI benefits.

  What You Can Do

  1. Encourage potential claimants to file as soon as they become unemployed, and help them understand their UI eligibility. Filing promptly helps to avoid loss of benefits. Eligibility varies by state and depends on circumstances. If there is uncertainty around eligibility, encourage the claimant to file an application anyway.
  2. Help claimants to understand reporting requirements, such as the work search requirements, jobs worked and wages earned while claiming benefits, etc.
  3. Support claimants in searching for work by ensuring that they are registered with Job Center of Wisconsin and encourage them to seek help from their local Job Center with planning their work search.
  4. Assist claimants requiring additional support in the application process. While you are not allowed to help the claimant complete their application, you can support them in:
  5. Train staff to assist claimants requiring additional support on the application process to the extent described in the online UI Community Partner Training provided by DWD. Encourage staff to support claimants in contacting DWD if they have questions about applying for UI.
  6. Share DWD UI outreach materials through your organization’s communications channels. For example, distribute the UI Outreach Brochure at your organization or community outreach events.

If you have any general questions (not claimant specific) or would like to be informed about future updates to Community Partner Toolkit resources, reach out to UI Staff at