UI State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES)

Respond Electronically to UI Forms

State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) and SIDES E-Response are two web-based options developed through a partnership between the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and state Unemployment Insurance (UI) agencies to simplify and streamline responses to UI information requests. Both SIDES and SIDES E-Response use nationally standardized, electronic formats to process UI information exchanges.

SIDES E-Response

Employers may reply to the following forms online using the SIDES E-Response website:

The website is accessible free of charge to any employer or third-party administrator (TPA) with Internet access. 

SIDES E-Response provides a nationally-standardized format, in which employers and TPAs can easily respond to UI information requests, attach documentation for separation information, and receive a date-stamped confirmation of receipt.

Employers and TPAs that use SIDES E-Response are able to better anticipate and supply the data needed for UI information requests and in return, reduce follow-up phone calls and paper work, prevent improper payments, and streamline UI response processes, ultimately saving time and money. Given the sensitive data exchanged between state UI agencies and employers and TPAs, SIDES has multiple layers of security and uses secure communication protocols.

How it Works

SIDES E-Response is a free website through which employers and TPAs may submit responses to the forms listed above.

Employers and TPAs will receive the paper form by mail from Wisconsin’s Unemployment insurance Division. The form will include an access code that permits the employer or TPA to log in to SIDES E-Response and enter the requested information in a standardized format.

SIDES E-Response Tips and Assistance

Logging in to the SIDES E-Response Website

Access Codes


SIDES differs from SIDES E-Response in that it is an integrated computer-to-computer interface, not a website. SIDES is designed for employers and TPAs that typically deal with a large volume of UI information requests. SIDES is especially helpful to those employers and TPAs that operate in multiple states.

SIDES is available free of charge, although there will be internal IT system development costs to integrate with SIDES.

Additional information is available at http://info.uisides.org.

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