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Guide to create a work permit (Parent/Guardian)

A work permit is required before anyone under the age of 16 is allowed to work in any job except for agriculture or domestic service work. Parents and guardians may obtain a work permit by following the instructions below. Note that parents and guardians are required to pay the work permit application fee at the time of purchase.

Steps to create a work permit.

  1. Create your DWD ID.

    A DWD ID is a username and password used to interact with the Department of Workforce Development or Department of Children and Family Services. If you have previously created a DWD ID to work with another division, such as the Unemployment Insurance Division, you may skip to step 3.

    Enter your information, create a username and password, and click next.

    Create DWD ID Example Image
  2. Confirm your email.

    Once you have created your DWD ID, you will receive a confirmation email from the DWD Wisconsin Logon Management System. Use the link provided within that email to confirm your account.

    For technical assistance, or if you have difficulty creating a DWD ID, contact the Information Technology Solution Center (ITSC) for assistance by calling 608-266-7252. The ITSC has technicians available from 6 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

    If you have not received your confirmation email, please check your SPAM folder before contacting ITSC.

    Confirm DWD ID Example Image
  3. Create a work permit.

    Once you have confirmed your account, you must login using your DWD ID to create a work permit

    Click to login and create a permit

    Click each tab, as shown in the orange box, at the top of the page to navigate through the complaint form. Please do not use the browser forward/back buttons.

    Work Permit Example Image
  4. Enter information about the minor

    • Click or tap the search button to search for your minor.
      • If the minor is found, select the minor from the grid and click/tap 'USE SELECTED MINOR'
      • Use selected minor Image
      • If the minor is not found, click/tap the 'CREATE NEW MINOR' button and enter the requested information and then click/tap 'ADD NEW MINOR'.
      • Create new minor image
  5. Enter information about the employer

    • Click or tap the Employer tab
    • Click the search button to search for the employer. You must type at least one character of the employer name and zip code to search. Entering additional characters will help locate the correct employer.
      • If the employer is found, select the employer from the grid and click/tap 'USE SELECTED EMPLOYER'
      • Use selected employer image
      • If the employer is not found, click/tap the 'CREATE NEW EMPLOYER' button and enter the requested information and then click/tap 'ADD NEW EMPLOYER'.
      • Create new employer image
  6. Enter information about the minor's employment

    • Click or tap the Work tab
    • If the parents own the business the minor will work at, answer the first question yes. If they do not, answer no.
    • If the minor is going to be working as a form of restitution, answer the second question yes, otherwise answer no.
    • In the Nature of Business field start typing the nature of business. For example, gas station, restaurant, warehouse, etc... When the correct option appears click or tap on it to select it. You may select more than one nature of business.
    • Select nature of business image
    • In the Type of Work field, start typing the type of work the minor will perform. For example, cashier, server, etc.. When the correct option appears click or tap on it to select it. You may select more than one type of work.
    • Select Nature of Business image
  7. Enter information about the school

    • Click or tap the School tab
    • Select whether the minor attends school. If the minor attends school online or in person click search to select the school. Type at least one character of the city name where the school is located (required) and the zip code (optional), then click or tap Search. Select the school and then click or tap the button 'USE SELECTED SCHOOL'. The more characters you type for the city name the more the list can be narrowed.
    • Select Type of Work image
    • Click for a list of schools by city.
    • If the school is not listed, contact our office for assistance.
  8. Review and pay

    • Review the information that was entered for accuracy. If you need to make changes click on any of the tabs to go back and then come back to the Review tab to pay and submit.
      • Credit cards are subject to a 2% convenience fee.
      • To avoid the convenience fees, choose the New Bank Account option as your payment type.
        • When entering banking information, review for accuracy to avoid additional charges. Incorrect banking information will result in returned ACH payments and returned ACH payments may result in additional charges. Returned payments will result in permit revocation rendering the permit invalid.
  9. Download your copy*

    • Login
    • Click or tap the "More" option at the top of the page
    • Click or tap "My Permits"
    • Click or tap on the minor's name
    • Click or tap the blue icon to download the permit

    Please note that if the icon is red, the permit has been revoked or suspended, the permit is unavailable for download and the minor is not legally eligible to work.

    *Our office mails a physical copy of the permit to the employer listed on the application.