DVR Internship/Temporary Work Site Information for Businesses

Internship/Temporary Work is defined as time-limited, paid work experience. DVR will partner with your business to help train a DVR consumer at your site. An agreement will be developed to reflect the roles and responsibilities of each party. This DVR service is designed to provide information of day-to-day work requirements in a real job for a DVR consumer.

The Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) provides professional consultation services to assist business owners to develop short and long-term strategies regarding diverse disability-related issues and to assist individuals with disabilities maximize their employment opportunities by helping them develop the skills that today's businesses are seeking in the workforce of the future.

Internship/Temporary Work Experience Program Information

An internship/temporary work experience through DVR:

  • Lasts from 10 to 90 days based on the needs of the business and consumer
  • Allows the business to "try out" a person who might fit well in the organization without a hire
  • Allows the DVR consumer to "try out" the job and business
  • May be set up by a DVR service provider or DVR staff person, who can provide technical assistance in conjunction with a DVR Business Services Consultant
  • Cannot be used to replace current employees and cannot result in others having reduced hours
  • Is not a permanent position and can be terminated by any party at any time

Intern wages will be paid by DVR while the individual is participating in the program; wages paid will be the prevailing and customary wage and benefit level paid by the employer for the position worked, and may not be less than minimum wage. Payroll services and costs associated with unemployment insurance and workers' compensation liability will be provided by DVR's Employer of Record service (certificate available upon request). DVR will also provide support to the site business to ensure the smooth incorporation of the intern and address any individual needs.

Role of Site Employers/Businesses

A site employer or business participating in the DVR internship/temporary work experience program will:

  • Provide training for a DVR consumer
  • Assist in completing the written agreement
  • Maintain communication with the partners.
  • If available, provide a written job description
  • Provide information to DVR so that payroll and liability coverage can be completed. This information is known to the business via human resources, accounting, or payroll staff
  • Verify hours weekly via email or automated internet-based system

Employer of Record Responsibilities

DVR will cover the costs of training wages and related workers' compensation and unemployment insurance through an Employer of Record service. The Employer of Record maintains only the following responsibilities:

  • Distribute funds to the DVR Consumer/Employee in accordance with the payroll schedule
  • Cover associated costs of Unemployment Insurance
  • Maintain Worker's Compensation Insurance for the DVR Consumer/Employee
  • Withhold all applicable taxes
  • Deposit all taxes withheld to the appropriate taxing authority
  • Resolve paycheck issues that may arise with the DVR Consumer/Employee

For liability to be correctly calculated by the Employer of Record, DVR needs to obtain the business's workers' compensation code. Individuals that process payroll are most familiar with the business code. This may be the payroll department, human resource department, bookkeeper, or accountant. The site employer's workers' compensation code is needed because the employer of record must carry the appropriate workers' compensation liability insurance coverage for each consumer. The code is used to protect the site business from liability. The site employer/business must use the same codes when it processes payroll for its own employees so that they carry the correct level of liability insurance for their own employees.

DVR's Employer of Record is:

Opportunities, Incorporated

200 E. Cramer Street
P.O. Box 278
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

For questions or requests for additional information, please contact your local DVR office.