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Employer of Record - Opportunities Incorporated

(Revised: October 2023)

Insurance Multiplier Rate Increase: Effective October 1, 2023

The insurance multiplier is 1.173 - Same for each consumer

The per person set-up fee for each consumer is $116.00 - Same for each consumer

Example for Line 1

Line 1: Total hours X (hourly wage X 1.173 - insurance multiplier) = Total of Line 1

Example: 100 hours X (10.00/hour X 1.173) 11.73 = 1173.00

100X $11.73=$1173.00 Coded 062 and 5700 (non-reportable)

Line 2: Per person set-up fee $116.00 Coded 062 and 5711 (reportable)

Note: Wages and set-up fee are not statewide services and should not be displayed in the Service Provider Portal.

Where/who to send purchase orders or contact with other issues?
c/o Opportunities, Inc.
200 E. Cramer Street
P.O. Box 278
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
Fax: 920.563.7443

Who to contact with fiscal problems?

Diane Cantwell 920.563.2437 x4018
Same address and fax as above

Payroll Information

The payroll is a weekly process. Pay cards are funded each Friday for the work week before. Pay period is Monday to Sunday.

Submissions to Opportunities for Payroll Processing

Due at least 1 week prior to start date: Authorization for Services, Work Agreement, and Payroll Set-up forms (W-4, I-9, etc.)

Due Monday by 5 p.m. or first Business Day of week: Worksites submit hours worked for previous week.

Tuesday - Wednesday: Opportunities will enter time worked as submitted and conduct follow-up verifications or ask questions if needed.

Thursday: Payroll is calculated, processed and verified. The bank file is submitted for the net pay values.

Friday: Pay date and date the Rapid Pay cards are funded.

This timeline will need to be adjusted and/or accelerated when there are holidays. This will be the case for Thanksgiving where payroll Thursday’s work will need to be done on Wednesday to insure pay cards are funded on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It will be key to stick to the Monday 5 p.m. deadline to receive all time sheets.