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Bridging Youth to Registered Apprenticeship

Youth Apprenticeship consortia are encouraged to reach out to employers offering Registered Apprenticeship. Bridges between the programs can offer students a clear path to a skilled career.

A "bridged" Youth Apprenticeship program positions the YA graduate towards a tangible milestone in a related Registered Apprenticeship. Examples could include testing out of the first year of RA instruction, receiving credit for hours worked, or receiving higher placement on a waiting list.

Several programs in Youth Apprenticeship can serve as introductions to existing Registered Apprenticeship programs. When possible, DWD has created crosswalks between the two programs to help employers understand the similarities and differences. Crosswalks created by DWD are reviewed and approved by relevant Apprenticeship State Trade Committees, which also may make recommendations for credit awarded. Youth Apprentices completing their program may then have part or all of their work hours applied towards the requirements of the Registered Apprenticeship program.

Crosswalks have been developed and approved for:

To provide an outline of how bridges can be created, the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards has developed the Policies and Procedures for Bridging Youth Apprenticeship to Registered Apprenticeship manual. This manual can serve as a guide to creating partnership between the programs.

Contact Information

Existing Registered Apprenticeship Sponsors are encouraged to contact the Youth Apprenticeship Regional Coordinator serving their school district(s) to learn more about participating in the program. Please use the Regional Consortiums Directory to find your Regional Coordinator.

Existing Youth Apprenticeship employers and/or coordinators should contact the Apprenticeship Training Representative covering their area to learn more. Please use the BAS Contacts Page to find your Apprenticeship Training Representative.

For general questions about the bridge program and process, please contact:

Contact the Registered Apprenticeship general mailbox:

Registered Apprenticeship Program
P.O. Box 7972
Madison, WI 53707-7972