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DWD/WI Logon Management System - Security Administrator


Insurance Companies and Third Party Administrator Offices designate their own Security Administrator. The Security Administrator is responsible for granting and revoking access to Report Users.

In order to obtain access to Worker's Compensation Internet Applications and activate Security Administrator rights the Security Administrator must complete the following steps. (NOTE: if you have already been given an Activation Key you will only need to complete Steps 1 and 3):

Step 1 takes you to a site outside of WC and does not link back so please use the back button to return to this page. You will need to come back to this page after you complete Step 1.

  1. Create a DWD/Wisconsin Logon Account: This User ID and password is unique to each person and will allow you log into any DWD application to which you have been granted access. (Note: If you are the Security Administrator for more than one company you will only need to create one DWD/Wisconsin Logon Account)
    Note: There should be only one account per email address.

    View Step-by-Step Instructions

  2. Request a WC Activation Key: The WC Activation Key will be given to you by the Worker's Compensation Division. If you need to request a key then call (608) 266-1340. (Log in using the DWD/Wisconsin User ID and password that you created in Step 1)

  3. Activate your WC Activation Key: Activating your WC Activation Key will allow you access to WC Internet Applications and provide you with Security Administrator rights. (Log in using the DWD/Wisconsin User ID and password that you created in Step 1)

    View Step-by-Step Instructions

Additional Functionality To Manage Report Users