Joint Enforcement Task Force on Payroll Fraud and Worker Misclassification

About the Task Force

The Task Force was created to evaluate current law and potential options, whether through change to statute or administrative rule, that will help prevent worker misclassification and protect thousands of workers while also leveling the playing field for businesses that follow the law. This issue is not unique to Wisconsin – employers across the country in certain industries commonly misclassify workers as "independent contractors," even when under the law those workers should be classified as employees.

This is is an issue because:

  • Worker Misclassification denies vulnerable workers numerous legal protections and benefits such as unemployment insurance, worker's compensation, and many labor protections
  • This fraudulent practice results in millions of dollars in losses to state government and taxpayers due to underreported wages
  • Employers that misclassify workers as independent contractors gain an unlawful competitive advantage that allows them to under-bid and out-compete law-abiding employers

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