Interviews are structured to ensure all candidates are given equal consideration.

Read the Position Description before the interview – it describes the duties and requirements of the job.

DWD is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.

If you have a disability and need to access this information in an alternate format or need it translated into another language, please contact the DWD Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunities Officer at (608) 266-7327.

If you need an accommodation in order to participate in the interview, contact the supervisor of the position.

For more information email DWD Jobs or call:


Interviewing For a Position With DWD

How the Process Works

Here is some information about the interview process at the Department of Workforce Development (DWD), so you will have a better idea of what to expect when you come for your interview.

The interview is a structured process. It is designed to give all candidates equal consideration. The interview is timed, so each candidate has the same amount of time with the panel.

Prior to the interview, the supervisor developed interview questions and evaluation criteria that align with the qualifications the supervisor is seeking for the position.

Interviews are conducted by a panel of people with knowledge of the job being filled. The panel will likely include the immediate supervisor of the position.

During the interview, the panel members will be taking notes to be sure they have recorded your responses. That means that they might not be making a lot of direct eye contact with you. Do not assume this means they are unfriendly or uninterested in your responses.

When answering questions, please keep the following information in mind:

Following all the interviews, a decision will be made whether to conduct a next round of interviews or to recommend a candidate for the position.

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