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Equal Rights Research Portal

The Equal Rights Division enforces over 40 different labor standards and civil rights laws. The division investigates complaints to determine if a violation has occurred, and if so, on what basis. When the law has been violated, the division seeks resolution through the mediation or hearing process. Select a report from the options below to view statistics related to complaints received by our division.

The Mediation Process

Mediation Statistics

A chart showing the number of mediations conducted by month and the percentage of mediations that resulted in complaint resolution.

Received by law

Complaints Received by Law

A chart showing the total number of complaints sorted by law.

Cases received by basis

Complaints Received by Basis

A chart showing complaints sorted by basis (for example: disability, religion, wages, etc...).

Cases received by county

Complaints Received by County of Reported Violation

A map showing the total number of complaints sorted by type, current status, and county.

Work permits issued by employer zip code

Work permits issued by employer zip code

A map showing the number of work permits issued by zip code.

Wage collections

Wage collections

A chart showing the dollar amount of lost wages, recovered by the Equal Rights Division, on behalf of workers.