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Communications Policy and Guidance for DVR Service Providers

April 2020


DWD Communications asks that any communication mentioning or promoting DVR-funded programs or services be shared with DWD for review prior to publishing. DWD expects that DVR will be mentioned in some way as the funder or a key partner in providing any services being promoted. Given the complexity of communication and the significant variances between different forms of media and promotion, all items of this nature are handled on a case-by-case basis.


The appropriate process for developing DVR Service Provider promotional materials is as follows:

  1. Share and review any newly developed or revised communication with the local DVR director, supervisor, and/or designee.
  2. Your local DVR contact will loop in the DVR Communications Liaison. DVR Service Providers are urged to direct all communications-related comments or questions to their local DVR contact in lieu of reaching out to the DVR Communications Liaison directly.
  3. If your local DVR contact connects you with the DVR Communications Liaison, copy your local DVR contact on all communications thereafter to ensure the local DVR office stays in the loop.

Large Distribution or General Public Audience

For communications that have a broad reach, like brochures distributed statewide or videos projected to reach 1000s of viewers, DWD review tends to be more thorough. The DWD Communications Office may request changes prior to publishing to ensure accuracy and consistency with DWD guidelines and messaging. The DWD Communications Office may also make recommendations related to style (flow, look and feel, etc.), but action on stylistic recommendations would not be required to move forward.

Limited Distribution or Internal Audience

Communications that have a smaller reach, like those created for a single event or for an internal audience, are considered more of an "FYI" for DWD. For these items, the DWD Communications Office would like to be aware of them to better align promotional resources and inform staff as needed. DWD would also like to ensure obvious errors like "Department of Vocational Rehabilitation" or "Division of Workforce Development" are corrected, but that review is typically assigned to the local DVR Director. This type of review can be completed very quickly at the local level.

Press, News, and Print Media

In relation to broadcast news, print media, or advertisement, including radio, television, newspaper, or magazine, any mention of DWD, DVR, or DVR-funded services must be pre-approved through the DWD Communications Office prior to release. If expressed approval cannot be obtained from a representative of the DWD Communications Office within the timeline available for the particular article/story/etc., all mentions of DWD, DVR, and DVR-funded services must be removed from the communication prior to publishing.

Social Media

The DWD Communications Office recognizes that DVR Service Providers may have a social media presence. Given the fast pace of social media communication, DWD does not require pre-approval of social media content prior to posting. This is intended to encourage sites to maintain independent social media profiles without the barrier of a lengthy approval process. If your agency would like to request a review of or feedback on a specific social media communication prior to posting, please reach out to your local DVR contact, who may loop in the DVR Communications Liaison as needed.

DVR and the DWD Communications Office encourage sites to tag DWD (@WIWorkforce) on any social media posts highlighting DVR consumer success stories or other related achievements. This will allow DWD Communications staff to cross-promote events and successes via DWD social media channels.


The DWD Communications Office takes the confidentiality and comfort of DVR consumers very seriously. DWD asks DVR staff to ensure that DVR Service Providers collect signed releases from any DVR consumer (or their guardian) featured via photo or video footage prior to the promotional item's release. Sites may complete releases that fulfill their internal requirements, and are not required to use DWD's release form.