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DVR Program Policy Manual/Addendum A DVR Training Grant

(Effective 08/2017, Reviewed 05/2023)

These fees are established in accordance with federal guidelines that permit an agency to establish fee limits for services designed to ensure a reasonable cost to the program for each service. If the service is provided as a direct payment to the individual, either a receipt or other appropriate documentation that the funds were used as intended is required. The procedure for requesting an exception to this fee schedule is described in the DVR Exception Request/Process Form (DVR-14918-E).

DVR Program Policy Manual/Addendum A DVR Training Grant
Goods/Services Amount Comments
Post-Secondary Training (Includes college, university, technical college, and vocational training).

After Financial Aid award information is provided, the calculated DVR Training Grant, (not to exceed $3,000 per academic term or $6,000 per academic year for full time attendance, as defined by the institution). Up to $250 per credit for part-time attendance. Graduate school will be calculated at $333.33 per credit.

Attendance below the minimum number of credits required to receive FAO grants at post-secondary institutions requires DVR administrative approval.

Consumers and DVR must make maximum effort to obtain comparable benefits and services. If a consumer or family contribution (resources) are required as part of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), those contributions may be considered as necessary to meet the maximum effort requirement unless prohibited by the Rehabilitation Act.

DVR will support the lowest cost option to meet consumers' IPE needs. Preference will be given to in-state public post-secondary institutions for both programs that offer financial aid and for those that do not.

Administrative approval can be provided for attendance at a private and/or out of state school.

NOTE: The amount of unmet need identified in the financial aid award is used to calculate the amount of the DVR Training Grant

NOTE: DVR may not authorize a training grant that results in an over-award of financial aids grants. The DVR Training Grant may not replace or decrease any other grants.

Duration: Consumers are encouraged to attend full time and complete the course of studies within the time specified by the curriculum. When extended attendance is required, DVR will provide payment for up to the equivalent of one extra semester for every year required by the curriculum (e.g., maximum duration of: three years to complete an Associate degree, six years to complete a Bachelor degree, three years to complete a Master degree).

Additional time beyond the extended attendance noted above requires the use of the exception process.

To be paid directly to the school. The DVR Training Grant is to be divided in payments by academic year, semesters, quarters, or other grading periods. Requires receipt of grade report or transcript at the end of each term and program completion to verify adequate completion of term or program before the next DVR Training Grant can be issued.

The DVR Training Grant funding replaces individual payments for training related expenses included in the cost of attendance budget such as tuition and fees, books and supplies, transportation, dependent care expenses, and other costs required in support of post-secondary training.

Reference policy for the circumstances under which DVR pays for maintenance. Maintenance costs to support post-secondary training are included in the DVR Training Grant. Additional DVR funding for maintenance cost to support post-secondary training requires approval of an exception.

See Fiscal Manual for verification requirements and items required to issue payments.

If the additional DVR services listed in the DVR Fee Schedule (Addendum B) are covered in your financial aid award, then DVR may not authorize them.