DVR Program Policy Manual/Addendum B
DVR Fee Schedule
(Updated 08/2017)

These fees are established in accordance with federal guidelines that permit an agency to establish fee limits for services designed to ensure a reasonable cost to the program for each service. If the service is provided as a direct payment to the individual, either a receipt or other appropriate documentation that the funds were used as intended is required. The procedure for requesting an exception to this fee schedule is described in the DVR Exception Request/Process Form (DVR-14918-E).

Goods/Services Price Comments
Computers Up to $800;
Price comparison is required.
Includes CPU, keyboard, monitor, printer, modem and basic software. Does not include cost of assistive or rehabilitation technology devices or software.
Medical Services to Improve Functioning if Required to Achieve the Employment Outcome in a Plan for Employment See Comments at Right.

For medical services and equipment, the Medical Assistance price list will be the maximum allowable price. If procedure or item is not on list, obtain three price estimates. Reference the DVR fee schedules.

For hearing aids, the process outlined in the Purchasing Hearing Aids Directive should be followed.

Occupational Tools and Equipment Up to $3,000;
Price comparison is required.
Assistive Technology Up to $10,000;
Price comparison is required.

Spending authority limits remain in place.
Assistive technology may be needed and appropriate:
  • During the eligibility determination assessment
  • Assessment of VR needs
  • Development of the IPE
  • During IPE Services
  • Annual reviews of ineligibility decisions
  • Annual review of extended employment
  • Post-employment services

Existing Business:DVR may participate in the purchase of assistive technology services and equipment identified as necessary for the consumer to perform the essential functions of a job. DVR cannot participate in the purchase of services or equipment identified for business use only. If an item cannot be adapted or modified and a new item or piece of equipment is recommended for purchase with the adaption or modification, DVR is only responsible for the adaption or modification portion; the business owner or business owner/consumer will be responsible for the remainder. Trade in value can be included as a portion of a financial contribution.

Existing Business Policy

Child Care County Approved Rate.

Use the County Approved rate for childcare reimbursement at the 100% level.

If applicable, consider Wisconsin Shares program as a comparable benefit.

Maintenance Actual Increased Costs. Reference policy for the circumstances under which DVR pays for maintenance. Maintenance costs to support post-secondary training are included in the DVR Training Grant. Additional DVR funding for maintenance cost to support post-secondary training requires approval of an exception.
Postsecondary Training Non-Financial Aid Eligible Up to $5,000 in a 12 month period Reference current issued guidance for Non-FAO Training.
Transportation Current mileage turn down rate Reference current issued DVR Transportation Services Guidance.

Self-Employment Business Start-Up

A DVR approved business plan is required. See Self-Employment Start-Up Toolkit.

  • DVR's financial participation will be used to purchase services and equipment identified in the approved business plan and must follow DVR's purchasing policies.
  • The business's start-up cost excludes costs for training, assessments, and rehabilitation technology services.
  • A consumer will need to demonstrate ability to cover % not covered by DVR as well as working capital as outlined below.
  • Working capital is defined as: Demonstration of funds available to cover costs of day-to-day operations of business and obligations (e.g., maintaining inventory, short-term obligations and expenses, etc.).
  • Working capital is the money needed to keep the business running until it generates enough revenue to pay for itself. This could be through cash, loans, grants, investors, etc. This does not include the owner's draw or depreciation amounts.
  • For the consumer's participation amount, DVR can consider the dollar value of existing equipment that the consumer will use in the operation of the business (in-kind contribution). Please note: This cannot be used for demonstration of working capital.
Identified Start-Up Costs DVR Financial Participation for Start-Up Costs DVR Consumer Demonstrated Working Capital
$1 - $10,000 100% 2 months
$10,001 & up 50% 4 months