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YA Instructor Responsibilities

Related Technical Instructors

Key responsibilities and qualifications include:

Instructor Qualifications

Instructor qualifications are flexible so that local consortiums may hire the most appropriate instructor for their program. Evidence of instructor qualifications should be documented in local program files.

High school instructors who teach the Related Technical Instruction must be licensed to teach in that occupational area (if applicable) and have demonstrated knowledge of current business practices and techniques either through continuing education credits, recent work history in the industry, and/or technical college certification.

Technical college instructors who teach the Related Technical Instruction must be certified by the Wisconsin Technical College System to teach in the specific occupational area/industry.

Industry trainers who teach the Related Technical Instruction must have at least three years of experience in the industry or business or be a qualified journeyman. It is recommended that trainers be certified by the local technical college and/or an appropriate trade or industry association (e.g. the American Institute of Business), and/or be team teaching with a certified instructor and have experience teaching high school age youth.