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An Employer's Introduction to Youth Apprenticeship

Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, highly successful and nationally recognized talent acquisition strategy in which employers hire high school juniors and seniors for a one or two-year Youth Apprenticeship. Employers provide mentored on-the-job training and evaluation of youth apprentices. Students pair courses related to the profession to enhance the on-the-job learning.

To see how many others in your industry are taking advantage of this opportunity, take a look at the Youth Apprenticeship Participation Dashboard.

The Employer Benefits of Youth Apprenticeship

Attract Better Applicants

More Loyal Employees

Benefit From Skilled Workers

Increase Safety

Become More Competitive

Instill Your Company's Values

Gain a More Knowledgeable Workforce

Replenish Your Skilled Workforce

Increase Productivity

Earn a Return On Your Investment

How do I get started with Youth Apprenticeship?

  1. Contact Your Area's Youth Apprenticeship Consortium

    Wisconsin has Youth Apprenticeship (YA) consortia throughout the state ready to help you identify the YA program and pathway(s) that best suit your business needs. Contact your YA Regional Coordinator to learn more about how they can help.

  2. Interview Potential Youth Apprentices

    Once you decide that YA is a strategy you want to employ, your YA coordinator will help identify potential apprentices for you to interview. All hiring decisions are yours to make!

  3. Mentor & Train Youth Apprentices

    Once an employer and youth apprentice agree to work together, all parties (employer, youth apprentice and their parent/guardian, school representative, and YA coordinator) sign an Education and Training Agreement. Employers agree to provide at least 450 hours of work per year under the supervision of a workplace mentor and to train the apprentices in competencies/skills that are pre-determined by industry leaders.

  4. Review the Progress of Your Youth Apprentices

    Working with your YA coordinator, you will review your youth apprentice's progress on a regular basis to ensure success for both your business and the apprentice.

Additional Information & YA Program Questions

Contact DWD staff who oversee the YA at, or find your YA Regional Coordinator to explore options in your local area!