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YA Coordinator Planning Calendar

Suggested activities, responsibilities, and dates to help you coordinate your local YA Program.

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  • Identify potential employers within an industry
  • Explore options for providing Related Technical Instruction
  • Educate teachers, administrators, counselors, and school board members about YA
  • Introduce freshmen and sophomores to YA as an elective option
  • Develop and disseminate YA information/literature
  • Coordinate with special needs teachers
  • Establish YA application deadline
  • Meet with potential YA employers
  • Keep steering committees apprised of progress
  • Ensure school boards have formally approved new programs
  • Schedule employer mentor training
  • Ensure YA is listed in high school registration materials
  • Review YA option with sophomores in course planning
  • Continue student recruitment and presentations
  • Provide informational sessions for interested students and parents
  • Continue employer recruitment
  • Establish YA application deadline
  • Distribute YA application packets to students
  • Plan year-end event for graduating YA students; invite students, parents, instructors, mentors
  • Keep steering committees apprised of progress
  • Firm commitment with employers; identify mentors; share Skill
  • Follow up YA student application process
  • Screen YA applicants for eligibility
  • Coordinate with employers to set up group or individual interviews
  • Arrange for interview information and practice sessions for YA applicants
  • Finalize delivery of Related Technical Instruction details
  • Establish YA student salary policy and evaluation tools
  • Develop YA student evaluation process
  • Plan year-end event
  • Submit YA Program Application
  • Coordinate interview process
  • Notify YA applicants of interview results
  • Arrange for completion and signing of Education/Training Agreement (ETA)
  • Prepare and collect Student Registration (form) and Curriculum Map or Program of Study
  • Review all documents for the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD)
  • Coordinate student work and class schedules
  • Collect and submit completed Skill Standards Checklists for graduating YA students
  • Hold year-end event; arrange for media coverage of events
  • Schedule orientation for new YA students and parents
  • Send required documentation to DWD
  • Deliver employer mentor training
  • Ask employer to prepare other employees for YA students
  • Identify and recruit industries for new or updated YA programs
  • Work with local technical colleges and universities to articulate advanced standing or transcript credit agreements
  • Schedule regular Progress Review meetings with YA students, mentors, and parents
  • Conduct evaluations regularly