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Transporation, Distribution & Logistics (TDL) Occupational Pathway

This diverse pathway encompasses careers and business involved in the planning, management, and movement of people, materials, and products by road, air, rail, and water, including related support services such as infrastructure planning and management, logistics services, and maintenance of mobile equipment and facilities. This Youth Apprenticeship occupational area focuses on two pathways:

As firms in other industries increasingly employ the industry's logistical services, such as inventory management and just-in-time shipping, many new jobs will be created.

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Pathways

Logistics/Supply Chain Management Pathway

Careers in Logistics involve the planning, management, and control of the physical distribution of materials and products. This industry is responsible to ensure cargo arrives in the right location, at the right time, in the safest and most economical manner. There are five areas to choose from:

Mobile Equipment Maintenance Pathway

Mobile Equipment Maintenance responsibilities include maintenance, repair, and servicing vehicles. Employees keep mobile machinery running, while looking for more efficient safe and cost-effective ways to do so. There are seven areas to choose from:


Logistics/Supply Chain Management Pathway

  • Car, Truck, and Ship Loader
  • First-Line Supervisor/ Manager of Helpers
  • First-Line Supervisor/ Manager of Transportation and Material-Moving Machine and Vehicle Operators
  • Industrial and Packaging Engineer
  • Laborer and Material Mover-Handler
  • Packer and Packager-Handler
  • Production, Planning, Expediting Clerk
  • Storage and Distribution Manager
  • Traffic, Shipping, and Receiving Clerk
  • Warehouse Manager

Mobile Equipment Maintenance Pathway

  • Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician
  • Aircraft Mechanic and Service Technician
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Avionics Technician
  • Bus and Truck Mechanic Collision Repair Technician
  • Diesel Engine Specialist
  • Electrical/Electronic Technician
  • Facility Engineer
  • Facility Maintenance Manager and Engineer
  • Industrial Electrician
  • Industrial Equipment Mechanic
  • Motorboat Mechanic
  • Off-Road Equipment Technician
  • Rail Locomotive and Car Mechanic and Repairer
  • Service Manager
  • Service Writer
  • Ship Mechanic and Repairer

Average Wages

Below are some examples of career wages in each pathway. Visit the Occupational Employer Statistics page to find average wages for a specific occupation not listed.

Fist-Line Supervisor: Average $70,140
Industrial Engineers: Average $45,950
Aerospace Engineers: Average $85,880

Getting Started

Get started by talking to a school counselor, Youth Apprenticeship Local Coordinator, or Regional Coordinator about how to apply and obtain career materials (plans of study). Contact DWD Youth Apprenticeship Staff for general or statewide program information.

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Occupational Pathway